5 Movies Reddit Claims Should’ve Ended A Few Minutes Sooner

Many people argue that movies are not about the end but the entire journey, yet there is nothing worse than a perfect film with a bad ending. Many Redditors have different opinions over this and have debated on which movies should have ended a little sooner. Of course, not everyone would agree with these, but the points are well put.

1. La La Land- 2016

La La Land was an extremely uplifting movie and every character did come out great. But essentially it had a dark ending and it did come off as a realistic and heartbreaking one but not everyone enjoyed it.
According to Hurricanetrash, they would have preferred if they left the future in the movie was left ambiguous and if they didn’t show what happened with Mia and Sebastian.

2. Joker – 2019

According to Redditor eikerir, “it would have been amazing” if Joker had ended before it cuts to Arthur Fleck in Arkham Asylum. They would have preferred that the titles should have rolled up when he has his arms spread. standing on the top of the car.

But the final scene between Arthur and the doctor in Arkham Asylum actually led to the ambiguity that the whole movie could have actually taken place in his head. The fans are divided into two halves on which scene was a better ending.

3. Django Unchained – 2012

Redditor Heff228 believes that they dragged Django Unchained a little too long than should have. The Redditor thinks that all the scenes which happened after the shootout at the Candyland were totally unnecessary.
The whole breaking free, getting capture, and breaking free again to return to Candyland for another shootout was a bit too much. And if you think about it, even if that sequence was erased from the movie, it would mean Tarantino’s cameo would be gone too, and it would be actually okay with many fans.

4.  Baby Driver – 2017

Baby is probably the best movie on a getaway driver but he does get caught close towards the film’s end. But then there is a strange scene of witnesses talking about how great Baby is as a person and then a flash-forward of how perfect his future is with Debora.

This exact fairytale ending is what is bothering Redditor Scungilli-Man69, who thinks that the film should have ended when Baby surrendered himself to the police. The user prefers that movie would have made a larger impact if it had been left open-ended and ambiguous. And they are not wrong, the movie does have some chaos.

5. Lincoln – 2012

Lincoln was an amazing movie; based on the real-life story of the 16th President of the United States and all of us know how the story is going to end. After all, the President’s assassination goes as the most- well-known in history; he was shot in the back of the head while he was watching a play.

And that is exactly why Redditor fanslernd thinks that Lincoln should have ended just before the assassination as the audience can easily conclude what happens next.” And they are not wrong as this particular scene has been told so many times!

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Mahima parmar

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