5 Questions That Weren’t Answered in Paranormal Activity 7!

Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin actually suffered from a lack of substantial scares and very little actual paranormal activity. The new addition to the franchise features new characters and takes place in March 2021 after Margot gets in contact with her relative Samuel. He takes her and her friends to the Beiler family farmhouse. With Jacob’s permission, the crew begins to film a documentary about Margot’s family. There’s a lot to follow with the plot and expositional information in Paranormal Activity 7.

This movie answers quite a little about certain questions but the next film Paranormal Activity: The Other Side, is already been given green light. So maybe the next movie could answer these questions?

1. Who really was Margot’s Biological Father?

The only thing the film mentioned was that Margot’s father is an “Englishman” and not a part of the Amish community. Sarah’s note from the attic only included information about how she felt about her family and she decided to give Margot up to keep her away from them. And it was surprising that Margot didn’t even ask many questions about her father or even attempt to look for him once things at the Beiler farm get uncomfortable.

2. What Actually Happened To The Villagers?

In the chaos of the film’s ending, the audiences are left with the information that Chris and Margot got out. But what happened to the other villagers? There’s a presumption that a large chunk of time is in between Asmodeus’ unleashing and the police’s arrival since the village is supposed to be miles away from anything. So if the villagers did escape, where did they go? If some of the villagers did escape, they could probably show up in the upcoming film.

3. Why Was Eli Sleepwalking?

Paranormal Activity 7 is full of strange things which show Asmodeus’ growing displeasure with the Amish community, such as the elderly woman shaving off her own skin with a potato peeler. But Eli’s sleepwalking isn’t one of them. When Chris goes to refill the generator in the middle of the night, Eli startles him walking barefoot in the snow. Jacob comes out of the house and even dismissed this odd event by saying that sometimes Eli sleepwalks. But they never revealed Eli’s sleepwalking just for seek of creepiness or was there a reason behind it?

4. Why did Asmodeus Possess Samuel?

Samuel somehow manages to live long enough for the demon to possess him. After luring a police officer into the barn by crying like a baby, Samuel flexes his power by making all of the cops on the scene commit suicide. The movie doesn’t answer why Asmodeus chose Samuel out of everyone else, but this does set up the possibility for a sequel. And he could become a Katie-like character and anchor the original story.

5. How did Amish Family Find Margot?

When Margot found  Jacob’s computer, she realizes that the Beiler family knew about her whereabouts for a year. At the start, audiences were made to believe that Samuel only got in touch because she took a DNA test. No one knows how they found Margot in Arizona after she was abandoned at the hospital. And Jacob couldn’t be savvy enough to track down a woman in a different state with a different last name. There has to be more information than that.

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