5 Reasons Satoru Gojo Is The Coolest Anime Sensei (& 5 Why Its Kakashi Hatake)

Jujutsu Kaisen and Naruto have so much in common. For example, take Gojo Satoru and Kakashi Hatake. Both are so similar. Who is the cooler sensei of the two?

Gojo Sensei: Tactical Intellect

There have been times in the anime where we have seen Gojo Satoru show some amazing powers of observation. Using his sheer sense of tact and with minimal information, Gojo is able to find out glaring flaws in his opponents’ plans. Many a times in the series, we see Gojo Satoru use counter attacks that seemed like were designed just to contain that specific foe. Gojo’s tactical prowess is a must-have for any teacher. Kakashi is smart but he does not have the battle intelligence like Gojo. He has been caught off-guard comparatively more number of times than Gojo Satoru.

Kakashi Sensei: Faced Tragedy Of Epic Proportions

The only true tragedy Gojo Satoru has faced is the one the anime is yet to show. A very close friend betrays him and this is what leads him to his path of becoming a powerful Jujutsu Sorcerer. On the other hand, Kakashi Hatake has been in the game since before he hit puberty. he lost a great deal of people. His father, his team-mates, and his very own sensei were killed. He was the last man standing, a sole survivor. They say experience is the greatest teacher and Kakashi has a hell lot of that. The guy knows pain and loneliness unlike anybody else. That is why he tries so hard to keep his students in the right track so that they don’t go astray.

Gojo Sensei: Infinity

If Gaara has his chakra infused sand, Gojo Satoru has something better. he has the power of Limitless, which gives him another technique called Infinity. The power of Limitless gives people of the Satoru bloodline control over time and space. Using Limitless, Gojo accesses a region of space that forms an indestructible barrier between him and the rest of the world. It is paper thin but serves as an absolute defense. Infinity’s ability is to slow things down to an absolute zero. So no attack will ever hit him. This is a technique that makes Gojo Satoru untouchable. it is his most powerful technique in terms of its sheer versatility.

Kakashi Sensei: More Compassionate And Patient

Kakashi Hatake, like we said, has been through a lot. This makes him a pretty great teacher. The experience he gained ever since he was a child soldier, fighting Hidden Leaf Village’s wars, made him into a humble human being. He knows that despite his profound strength in battle, death could come to him at any moment of time. He has grown to respect the people around him in his own weird way. He saw a potential in Naruto when nobody else did. That alone speaks volumes. Kakashi Hatake is a better teacher when compared to Gojo Satoru because he has cultivated an immense amount of patience.

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Gojo Sensei: Has a Vision For The World

Gojo Satoru may look and feel  reckless to you. His actions seem uncoordinated. It is like he just goes along with the flow. But there is a pattern to it we all have failed to notice. Gojo Satoru has a vision for the world of Jujutsu Kaisen. His end goal is to reform the Jujutsu world via education from the bottom up. To do so, he intends to cut through the rigid bureaucracy that has ruled Jujutsu sorcerers since centuries and establish a new order of sorcerers. His vision is not accepted by many powerful players for obvious reasons. Kakashi Hatake does not have such a grand vision for the world.

Kakashi Sensei: Does Not Have a God Complex

The sign of a good teacher is humility. The words of wisdom begin with a fundamental question of “I do not know.” Kakashi knows his limitations. He knows there are fallacies in his techniques the enemy could easily exploit. So he creates strategies to actively counteract any strategies the enemies could devise against him. Gojo Satoru enters into battle with one simple statement – he is the mightiest of them all. We are not denying he is not. But it was this arrogant and brash attitude towards his enemies that led to his eventual downfall in the manga. Kakashi has been beaten numerous times but at least he gives credit to the enemies when credit is due.

Gojo Sensei: Does Not Micromanage His Students

Gojo is a very hands-off teacher. He took in three rookie students under his wings. And he let them blossom the way they should. Kakashi played an active role in training his students in the beginning. But as time went on, he started micromanaging them. When Sasuke started showing signs of going rogue in the future, instead of showing him the way, Kakashi first placed a seal on him to limit his usage of the Orochimaru’s cursed seal. When that failed, he started teaching Sasuke powerful techniques so that he does not go astray. If only the guy could have given Sasuke his freedom, maybe he would have never betrayed Hidden Leaf Village. The Uchiha ended up suing the same techniques Kakashi taught him against his own allies.

Kakashi Sensei: The Sharingan

The Sharingan is a special technique found within the Uchiha clan. It is a Dojutsu that gives the wielder the ability to see things that escapes people with normal sight. It also gives you access to certain high level abilities like predicting and copying your opponents’ moves. But little do we know that the Sharingan is also a great tool for a teacher like Kakashi. he uses it to gauge his students’ power levels and see how far they have developed. Although it was never shown in the anime but the manga shows many instances where Kakashi uses the Sharingan to actually give his students tips to improve themselves.

Gojo Sensei: Literally The Strongest Of His Kind

he does have a God Complex. But its not like Gojo Satoru is wrong. He is indeed the strongest sorcerer to ever exist. He is in fact so strong the strongest curses actively pursued a grand plan to ensure just to contain Gojo Satoru. He is that powerful. He has a range of techniques due to him belonging to a bloodline blessed with immense cursed energy. Said to be the strongest of his kind in an entire generation, Gojo Satoru is the most powerful heavy-hitter of the era. And people like that have a lot to teach to the generation that comes after them.

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Kakashi Sensei: He is More Than Just His Sharingan


In Boruto, we see Kakashi Hatake no longer possesses the Sharingan. But he is still a high level threat to the enemies of Konoha. Kakashi Hatake made Jonin at the age of 12. He had multiple aces up his sleeve before he got the Sharingan to add to his arsenal. Take the Six Eyes and Limitless out of Gojo Satoru’s quiver and he is but a shell of a man. Kakashi Hatake, unlike Gojo Satoru, has not put all his eggs in one basket. He knows a myriad of skills will always come in handy. As a warrior, it pays to be a jack of all trades than the master of one art.

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