5 Reasons Why We Desire To See Kang In MCU (& 5 Why We Don’t)

Undoubtedly, Avengers is one of the most fabulous Teams that can defeat any enemy that hinders their path in saving the Universe. Over the years, from the comics to the big screen, the Marvel legendary heroes had made a special place in our hearts. Great power comes up with great responsibilities, and fighting such mightest superheroes requires tremendous supervillains. Since the evolution of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we have encountered many supervillains. Unlike a few decades back, the current generation is showing interest in negative roles. How powerful might be the Superhero of the plot, but without a deadly supervillain, it is a pack of the one-sided movie with extreme boredom. Over the years, with the advancement of superhero powers, MCU made the Supervillain equally powerful and robust. One of the reasons why Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame became a global success is because of the deadliest Villain Thanos.


While there are many rumors for the MCU Phase 4 Supervillain, none of them are confirmed yet, and seeing the past records; we should not expect MCU to disclose its next Supervillain soon( Penchant of secrecy !).
However, fans cannot stop their eagerness and prediction. Though there are many possibilities, Kang, the Conqueror has a pretty good chance to come up as the next Supervillain. Kang hails from the future (30th Century) and many times proved a menace for the Avengers.
Here are the five reasons why we want to see Kang as the next Supervillain in MCU( & 5 reasons why we don’t).


10.Why we want: Apocalypse Twins

Uncanny Avengers, a team formed by the Avengers and X-men assembled to fight against the Apocalypse twins, was one of the fiercest wars till date. Kang trained the apocalypse twins along with other mutants in an internment camp to fight against the Avengers. With the collaboration of Disney+ with MCU, there are pretty good chances of seeing X-men in the next Avenger Movies or MCU franchises and so getting him as a villain gives us a pretty clear picture of the next move of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

9.Why We Don’t Want: The Council Of Cross-Time Kangs

The council of Cross-Time Kangs is a Squad formed by Prime Kang as its army. The members in the squads are Kangs from the different timelines. This idea was primarily seen in the comics, but it became accessible and prevalent as the council of Ricks from Ricks and Morty, so there is a chance people might confuse it as a copy from Ricks and Morty. Secondary, the concept is quite basic and dull.

8.The Fantastic Four Relation

Kang’s real name is Nathaniel Richards. It is unknown to many to the Marvel fans that he is the father of Reed Richards, mister fantastic. MCU can make a good plot twist by showing the father-son relationship. It is a pretty good way to introduce the Fantastic Four franchise into the Avengers.

7.Why We Don’t Want: A Lot Of Dull Stories

While Kang is a mighty foe and has the deadliest power still there are few points where the scenes become boredom and dull. Apocalypse Twins  Story is one of the few plots which can be termed something Interesting. Though MCU is an expert in changing comic parts and giving it an all-new perfect direction, currently, but we cannot draw any conclusion.


6.Why We Want: An Ethical Antagonist

Kang is a Time Traveler, which makes it is quite easy for him to defeat the Avengers by going back in time and kill them when they are toddlers or at their weakest time. But Kang doesn’t want that; he wants to play a fair game and make the opponent beg for mercy. This thing makes Kang an honorable foe.

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5.Why We Don’t Want: The Immortus Impediment

With the coming of Kang, we will also encounter Immortus. Immortus is an older version of Kang, who stops to dream about conquering the Universe and becomes friends with the Avengers team in protecting it. It will more and more complicate things, and there will be more stretch about the Villain.

4.Why We Want: The Doom and Kang Team-Ups

Off-screen or On-screen teaming up and working for a common motive is always fruitful. The most prominent example is the Avengers team. But we have never encountered any Supervillain team-ups. If we see Marvel portrays Kang as the next Supervillain, then there is an excellent chance of a Villain team-up between Doom and Kang, which could be a new thing in the MCU.

3. Why We Don’t Want: If Used Properly The Powers Can Be Dangerous

There are always two sides of a coin. If the powers used correctly, then Kang can be fatal for the whole Avenger team. Time Travelling with this much accuracy can make the opponent ( Avengers ) weak. So what MCU can do? They will not use its powers to the maximum point.MCU track records in terms of  Portraying Villain is not up to that level. Though they are improving a lot from Time to Time, they still characterize the Villain as weak without utilizing all of its powers.

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2.Why We Want: He Needs A Comeback

Of course, he deserves a comeback!. He is way too powerful than many MCU villains; still, he did not get enough chance to show his powers. The only scene the fans remember is the fight of Apocalypse Twins with the Uncanny Avengers.

1. Why We Don’t: He Breaks The Time Travelling Rules

The Concept of Time Travelling used in the MCU movies is quite basic and elementary. But Kang hails from the future( 30th Century) that makes him use the time Travelling at a very advanced level.

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