5 Romcom Couples Who Shouldn’t Have Ended Together

Since the invention of love storylines, they have been the be-all and end-all of many films. Romantic comedies, in particular, are considered to be ideal representations of the ideal real-life love tale. However, the two characters appear to be the polar opposites of soulmates at times.

From iconic ’90s couples to more recent love partnerships, romcoms tend to gloss over some of its romantic leads’ fundamental flaws and incompatibilities. Finally, there are couples of that type that should never have gotten together.


1. Sandy & Danny in Grease (1978)

Danny is a movie boyfriend whose relationship has a lot of red flags. Not only does he have no problem with his buddies inquiring if Sandy “put up a fight” during summer vacation, but he consistently demonstrates that he doesn’t care about her personality.

Danny is just interested in Sandy’s physique at the drive-in, despite the fact that their claimed relationship during the summer was solely emotional. Then he practically refuses to recognize her as his girlfriend unless she gives up everything that defines her. Sandy must undergo a complete makeover in order for the pair to have a shot.

2. Lucy & Jack in While You Were Sleeping (1995)

Never, ever pursue a romantic connection with someone who took advantage of their accident-induced amnesia and convinced them that they had been in a relationship. Lucy was, in the end, a complete stranger to Jack. This is not adorable; it is disturbing.

Strangely, Lucy and Jack are portrayed as a sweet ’90s couple, although Lucy didn’t know Jack from Adam, and their entire relationship began with a confusing lie on her side. This isn’t to say she’s a nasty person, but it does indicate that their relationship was incorrect from the start, and she took advantage of him.

3. Ramona Flowers & Scott Pilgrim in Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World (2010)

Scott appears to have little regard for women in general. He doesn’t even bother ending things with Knives Chau before pursuing Ramona, and he sees Ramona as a treasure to be obtained rather than as a whole person in her own right.

Scott was unworthy of Ramona. He was an entitled, creepy guy who had just broken up with a high schooler, and the only thing that drew him to Ramona was her lack of interest in him and her manic pixie dream girl mentality. She might have fared far better than Scott.

 4. Josie & Sam in Never Been Kissed (1999)

In the same manner that Scott Pilgrim struggled with his attraction to high school students, Josie and Sam struggle with theirs. Sam reminds me of Ezra from Pretty Little Liars before the show ever existed, and Ezra’s TV boyfriend had a lot of red signs.

Both characters fall in love with high school kids at the school where they work, and the entire scenario has an unpleasant and clandestine aspect to it. Josie, unlike Aria, was not a high school student, but Sam was oblivious of this and continued to act inappropriately. Then he became enraged because she lied as if her suddenly being the correct age for him was a problem.

5. Sally & Harry in When Harry Met Sally (1989)

Sally and Harry went years without speaking to one other throughout the duration of the film. They had a lot of philosophical views regarding relationships, as mentioned by the characters, and Harry even tried to hit on Sally when she was dating her friend, Amanda.

When they do ultimately hook up, Harry departs Sally’s house without saying anything and regrets the whole situation. Not to mention the fact that they were clearly in romantic relationships, engagements, and even marriages with other people while clearly harboring romantic feelings for each other.

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