When we watch any movie, web series, or TV show, we tend to fall in love with the featured characters in them. However, there are many instances wherein the director of the show decides on scrapping the main and most loved characters from the movie or series.

Viewers usually feel heartbroken by the sudden death of their favorite characters. Many shows have at some point, or the other decided to do away with their biggest stars. We have listed below five popular TV shows that have eventually removed the biggest stars and the most loved characters. Let us have a look :

1. Game of Thrones – Sean Bean

Sean Bean from Game of Thrones
Sean Bean’s character was killed despite being popular

Sean Bean was the most loved character from Game of Thrones. He played the role of the Head of the Stark family and showcased great maturity which made us crave more of his screen time. Sean Bean saw a sad end in the infamous series that left the viewers distraught.

2. Breaking Bad – Bryan Cranston

Bryan Cranston in a still from Breaking Bad
The character died during a raid scene

Bryan Cranston’s character appeared to be the greatest TV character development. He was part of the five seasons, and his end was a necessity even if it was sad. During a raid scene, the character bid adieu to the show.

3. Dexter – Jennifer Carpenter

A still from Dexter
Jennifer Carpenter was the most loved character of the show

Dexter was a TV show that rose to great popularity during its time. Debra, played by Jennifer Carpenter, was the best character among all. She was a part of all eight seasons of this series. During the entire eight seasons, the character was considered to be one of the most adored one among the fans.

4. Homeland – Damien Lewis

 A glimpse of Homeland
Damien Lewis character ended though hanging

Damien Lewis played by Nicholas Brody, was a mysterious character on the show. The mystery of the show was whether Brody was turned by the terror group. However, during the third season, Lewis was hanged, on grounds of, being guilty of treason.

5. Grey’s Anatomy – Patrick Dempsey

A still from Grey's Anatomy
Dempsey’s role ended through a major accident

Derek Shepherd’s character played by Patrick Dempsey was the most loved character of all time. Shepherd and Meredith Grey’s relationship was the main storyline of the show. However, Derek met with a tragic accident in the eleventh season. Despite, the end that Patrick got, the show is still progressing and still has a good following.

The above are the 5 TV shows that saw the death of some of the best and most loved characters on the most popular shows.

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