It doesn’t really matter if you are a gaming fan or not:  you can probably imagine how much effort it takes for a game developer to create a game. There might be numerous things that a developer has to think about before making one. As easy it might seem, planning, designing, coding, and testing, the harder it is. Let’s discuss some of the secrets that game developers use to engage players. 


The secret of sneaky loading 

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Loading screen

There is a trick game developers use to stop the loading screen. The developer believes that games are enormous, and hence they require a lot of memory. So whenever a door behind the player closes, it’s because developers dump the last section of memory. They do it to load the next memory area without crowding the screen whenever a character enters new surroundings.


They help you a little with your first game.

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damage boost for your best experience

So it turns out that the game developers are helping you get runs in your first multiplayer game. They know that if you don’t get a couple of shots in your first game, you will no longer be interested in playing the game. So they give you a damage boost in your first game that you have a good experience. 


The last portion of the health bar is a lie.

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low health bar

It turns out that when your health bar becomes low, that is a lie. The developers create the last portion of health more than it is. It makes the game more enjoyable and exciting by making you feel like you are on the edge of death. 


The artificial intelligence misses the first few shots on purpose.

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Shot miss

The developers make sure with their coding that the player misses the first two shots of AI on purpose. They make Artificial Intelligence miss the shots, which makes the game interesting. This way player thinks the game isn’t too hard to play.


The “Coyote time.”

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Jump in the air

In the game, you kind of walk on air sometimes. On such platforms, the developers usually give you a second to jump on the edge. Even if you keep one step in the air while jumping you won’t fall. This way, you don’t get frustrated by fear of falling off again and again and miss jumps every time you try. This is called Coyote time by the developers.


This concludes our list; what are your thoughts about the developer’s sneaky secrets.


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