5 Super Crazy Arrowverse Fan Theories That Actually Turned Out To Be True

The Arrowverse, the collection of DC shows that running on CW network – Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl and The Flash – have caught the imagination of the fans and they have had theories about where the shows are headed since the first show started in 2012. While some things everyone could see happening easily, there were a number of theories that seemed cuckoo at the time but in the end turned out to be true. There are still some questions, like whether Batman is active on Earth-1, or whether the man calling himself Superboy really was a member of the League of Superheroes. There have also been connections that the fans have discovered with Gotham. All this only goes to show just how complicated the world of Arrowverse has become. Here are the best conspiracy theories that seemed improbable but came true:

1. Mystery Girl is Barry and Iris’s future child:

The emphasis there is on future. When Mystery Girl shows up at the doomed wedding of Iris and Barry, fans knew that she was their child. They said there was just no doubt about it and it made too much sense. However, there were some detractors who said she was a future child who was travelling to the past. So she was not really Dawn Allen. And sure enough, when she introduces herself to the Flash team, she is Nora West-Allen. Fan are not sure why her dad could not tell her not to mess with the timeline like that. If in future seasons there is an evil version of the Mystery Girl, fans are going to cringe just a little bit.

2. Return of Tommy Merlyn:

Tommy died in Arrow in the very first season and fans have had theories about what he will return as. Some said he would come back as Dark Archer or be brought back to life by Lazarus Pit. Still others thought that Prometheus would turn out to be Tommy in the end. They all thought he would come back though, and come back he did in a certain way. He returned in the Crisis on Earth X crossover finale during the last season as Prometheus X, and it left the audience stunned for all their theories. He dies in the same episode. He also appeared in the Arrow episode Docket No. 11-19-41-73 to confess that he was really the Green Arrow. However, in the end, it turned out to be Christopher Chance or the Human Target pretending to be Tommy to take the heat off Oliver.

3. Mon-el goes to the future:

The last time we saw Mon-el was when he followed Kara to outer space, after she exploded a lead bomb that went after Daxamites. It was shown that Mon-el left after a portal opened up before him. In the comic books, Mon- el is part of the Legion of Superheroes in the 31st century so it was obvious that he would be travelling to the future at some point. In the seventh episode of the third
season of Supergirl, it was finally confirmed that Mon-el had gone to the future and had been married seven years meantime. Maybe there was something more that Arrowverse wanted to do with this strand of the arc. In any case, because time travel is so big on Legends of Tomorrow and The Flash, it might be time for even Supergirl to have that on the show. Maybe Supergirl could travel to the 31st century and keep the timeline intact on Earth 38.

4. Guardian:

In the Supergirl season 1, the character of Marine Colonel James Harper was introduced. James Harper was one of the names assumed by the Guardian and many suspected that it was the introduction to Guardian. However, as it turns out, Harper was a cruel man and his only job was introducing the CADMUS program to the audience. The program turned from a government organisation to a terrorist cell in the second season. However, in the end, James Olsen did go vigilante in a sudden move and a lot of people suspect it was because Supergirl moved to CW. In any case, fans seem to have gotten their wish of having the Guardian, even though it wasn’t exactly who they thought it would be.

5. Savitar is Barry:

Given the other theories, this one was a long time coming. The identity of Savitar on The Flash was a secret and there were some leading theories – Ronny Raymond or Eddie Thawn. However, a future evil version of Barry was the absolute favorite, given how well Savitar knew about The Flash teammates, and then there were the future Barry’s constant warnings we saw in the Invasion! Event. With
only a few episodes left in the third season, it was revealed that it was indeed Barry and it angered fans that the creators would take that long to reveal something that was obvious for a long time.

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