5 Superheroes Who Would Be Amazing In The Venom Symbiote

Ever since the Venom Symbiote film release (which made 200 million), symbiotes are more prominent in Marvel. The alien who Spider-Man rejects finds his way to Eddie Brock, becoming the legendary Venom. Venom’s powers fluctuate between appearances. But he’s usually more potent than the wallcrawler, and can alter his form to some extent. We’ve come up against dozens of alien partners throughout Marvel’s long history. These are the five heroes who would be better in venom symbiote in Marvel Comics:


Spider-Man was the actual host of the Venom symbiote. For a long time, he was preoccupied with the symbiote, and Eddie Brock’s hatred of Peter Parker fueled Venom. However, Spider-Man would be a fantastic host for the symbiote ultimately. They have a previous working relationship, and Spider-Man was able to dominate it.

Spider-Man has changed a lot over the years, which would also help him deal with the symbiote. Spider-Man would be an even greater hero with the added power that the symbiote gives him than before.

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Captain America

One of the significant comics heroes, Captain America, has faced some terrible threats. The Marvel Universe has to give and always come out the other end of the battle. Captain America finds himself in battles against some of the vigorous villains working with the Avengers and could often propel.

The Venom symbiote would supply this, giving him much substantial strength. It allows him to take on more punishment than he already does. The level of new shield tricks he can do with the symbiote will be worth the admission price alone.

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Black Widow

Black Widow is one of the subtlest spies in the Marvel Universe. At first instance, it doesn’t seem like the symbiote would help her. However, she would be rigorous with the symbiote:

  1. It’s black, which will help her prowl around.
  2. She already knows how to swing around, and the webs the symbiote produces would greatly assist with that.
  3. The added strength, resistance, and swiftness would be a benefit for her work.

With her iron-willed mindset, controlling the symbiote would be comfortable. Thus, the symbiote would make her a finer hero.

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Venom Deadpool would be an amusement, and that reason is sufficient for him to achieve the symbiote. Deadpool is already pretty much unfeasible to hurt. The symbiote would add on to that while also giving him more strength. He’s already enthusiastic and passionate, so that wouldn’t be an issue for him.

Deadpool is already an incredibly enthralling character, but the symbiote would increase that. All of the insightful ways he can kill people would be worth the price of admission alone. 

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One of the indestructible heroes in the Marvel Universe. Daredevil’s been able to take some pretty severe knockings and perpetuating them. He’s an unbelievably skilled fighter, but he’s all too compassionate. The Venom symbiote would greatly assist him in his crimefighting ventures, giving him more strength and increased durability.

Daredevil has a strong-will and could easily withstand the symbiote’s effort to take him over. With the Venom symbiote’s help, Daredevil would do so much in the Marvel Universe.

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