5 Things About Jon Snow That Have Aged Poorly

All of us have loved Jon Snow since the beginning of Game of Thrones started. He was a kind person, a strong leader, and a well-skilled warrior. None of us thought (at least just the Tv Show watchers) that Jon would become the main character in the series.

Jon Snow has given us some of the best moments of the show, but there are some things related to the character that sadly hasn’t aged well in the show. He is an amazing character but there have been some instances that have been a letdown.

1. They Made Him Return To The Nights Watch For No Good Reason!

The end of the series gave the viewers quite mixed emotions and most of the characters got some satisfying/ deserving ends. But the fact that Jon had to return to the Night Watch, probably seemed a great choice since it reunited him with Ghost.

But thinking it as Jon’s ending, it just didn’t make sense. The Wildings were now welcomed in Westeros and the Night King was also defeated, so what is the reason for a Night’s Watch to exist anymore?

Tyrion explained that Night’s Watch was a place for the outcasts, but what other role does it have to play? Shouldn’t everyone be treated equally and Jon should get the real place (after all he was not a Bastard) he deserves, if not as the King.

2. If He Was To Be Resurrected, Why Even Kill Him?

There were so many jokes made on the fact that Game of Thrones killed off so many (including popular) characters. However, when they killed off Jon at the end of season 5, no one wanted to accept it. And the makers tried really hard to convince the fans that he is gone for real.

And then, Melisandre resurrects him in the very next season. Of course, it was talk of the world, but it didn’t go to that limit what makers had expected it to be. The entire thing just felt extremely silly and they never even touched the topic of what trauma he must have undergone post-resurrection.

3. Keeping Jon’s Lineage “Mystery”

We agree that it was a grand moment when they revealed that Jon Snow was actually the son of Lyanna Mormont and Rhaegar Targaryen, and so many fans had predicted correctly. And it also made it clear that Jon was the true and rightful heir to the Iron Throne.

But as it came to the last season, most of the fans even forgot that this revelation even happened. And by the end of the show, the whole story was clear but it didn’t have much of an impact since Jon, even after learning the truth, refused the throne. So this entire suspense building was stupid.

4. He Was Useless In Battle of Winterfell

The Battle of Winterfell was a huge spectacle of the show. It was all chaos and for a reason, it did entertain the audience and the episode got many fans thinking about it.

It was very irritating to look back at his role in the battle and to realize it was entirely pointless. It made complete sense to make Arya the hero of the battle, but Jon was just useless and was just sitting on his dragon and doing nothing.

5.  Killing Off Daenerys

Yes, we all agree that Daenerys had the evil side, and her turning into a murderer in order to conqueror was maybe not her fault entirely. The plot shocked the fans when she changed entirely towards the finale, but maybe Jon could have helped her out, stopped her from becoming this evil.

He just killed her, which was very difficult to watch. It was to show a “hero” made an extremely tough decision by killing his love interest, but it felt as if Jon put the blame on her for the thing he should have done.

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