5 Things MCU’s Moon Knight Should Learn From Netflix’s Daredevil

Moon Knight could actually be the missing puzzle piece in the MCU. In a universe that’s connected and often characterized by binary hero/villain dynamics, quips, and CGI, there remains a Daredevil-shaped hole that needs to be filled.

Netflix’s slate of Marvel shows pride itself on showing a darker side to superheroes; something that has been absent ever since Jessica Jones got canceled in 2019. However, with Moon Knight soon arriving on Disney+, fans are going to get treated by something similar – seemingly so. Keeping this in mind, today we bring to you a few things that MCU’s Moon Knight Should Learn From Netflix’s Daredevil.

A Dark Show That’s Not Afraid To Get Its Hands Dirty

Moon Knight on Disney+
Moon Knight is set to premiere in TWO days!

In Moon Knight‘s case, while we only have a two-minute-long trailer to go on, the series’ intense and hard-hitting action and a somewhat more inward-looking nature promise to enter those territories that Marvel Studios has so far feared to tread.

Currently, at this early stage, it looks like an absolute treat for those who want something totally different from the usual Marvel fare; a dark show that’s not really afraid to get its hands dirty.


Remember That fist-to-face, bone-on-bone Action?

Can Moon Knight invoke the same action as Daredevil?
Can Moon Knight invoke the same action as Daredevil?

Now let us revisit the last 20 seconds of the trailer. While most of the trailer deals with the fact that what Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac) is experiencing is reality or a mere dream, Moon Knight takes away the entire façade with its closing line.

As we see a dimly lit bathroom, the camera creeps in on a scene that is somewhat reminiscent of Daredevil’s iconic fight in the hallway. Moon Knight apes The Man Without Fear in yet another scene; in a more brutal fashion where he pummels his victim, and each punch lands with a bone-shattering force that’s so often missing from Marvel’s litany of choreographed fight scenes.

A Big Name To Go By… Oscar Isaac!

Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight
Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight

An aspect that works well in the favor of Moon Knight is its casting of Oscar Isaac. Traditionally, MCU usually opts against plonking stars front and center in the MCU. Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth were both ‘unknowns’ at the time they were cast, while megastar like Robert Downey Jr. wasn’t at the peak of his powers at the time Iron Man came in.

By positioning a ready-made name as its lead in the form of Isaac, Moon Knight brings the cult of personality and a singular voice that earlier MCU Disney Plus shows have lacked. Moon Knight, as a show, requires a deft touch in the form of a protagonist that – thanks to Spector’s disorders – must be charming, dangerous, down-to-earth, and above all, believable. Daredevil’s Charlie Cox straddled that line really well and arguably, no superhero actor since has been quite as convincing as Cox.

Another Great Stride In Representation!

Moon Knight will premiere on March 30
Moon Knight will premiere on March 30

In the past 12 months, Marvel has managed to make great strides in representation. Two major Deaf characters in the form of Alaqua Cox’s Echo and Lauren Ridloff’s Makkari were introduced in the MCU. Eternals also gave MCU their first gay superhero in Phastos, played by Brian Tyree Henry while Loki was also confirmed to be canonically bisexual. Daredevil, obviously, is blind. Now, Moon Knight can also go on and form part of the same wave of change with its portrayal of mental health onscreen.

In the pages of Marvel comics – and heavily hinted at in the first trailer – Marc Spector suffers from a dissociative identity disorder, which allows him to inhabit multiple personalities. By showcasing the stigma around mental health, Moon Knight demonstrates how superheroes aren’t supposed to be always superhuman. While some are broken, flawed beings that require various coping mechanisms.

Like Daredevil, Moon Knight Should Know How To Deal With Grief

Moon Knight could be the most violent MCU series till now
Moon Knight could be the most violent MCU series till now

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier and WandaVision, both dealt with grief and some trauma, in varying forms, and Moon Knight will surely take the conversation forward more. While it remains a small step, but certainly a significant one. The presence of Oscar Isaac and a more somber tone also help in giving the show a bit more legitimacy.

For now, it looks like Marvel is intent on executing things differently with MCU’s Moon Knight. While it’s not exactly a one-to-one parallel with Daredevil, the similarities are obviously striking. The series could even do for the Marvel Cinematic Universe what Daredevil‘s adventures did for Netflix: open up a more personal side of superheroes to the fans; something that’s barely explored in the films.



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