5 Things Only Comic Fans Know About Madame Web

Madame Web is coming to the big screen and the news broke out that Dakota Johnson is all set to play the said character. Sony Marvel Universe is actively developing which was further amplified by the success of Spider-Man: No Way Home. Now, Madame Web will be joining other in-universe characters like Morbius and Venom. While her popularity might be of question to the MCU fans, avid comic book readers know who she is. Today, we’ll talk about some of the unknown facts about Madame Web that only comic book fans know. Check it out!

1. She’s A Mutant

Madame Web unknown facts
Madame Web unknown facts

Considering the fact she’s a Spider-man supervillain, fans might think that she is just another experiment gone wrong, like Green Goblin and Doc Ock. But that is not it. She is actually a mutant and her strong powers of perception come because of her genetic mutation. Keeping in mind that the mutants are coming to the MCU, it’s possible that her origins will remain intact.

2. Suffering From Life-Threatening Illness

Madame Web unknown facts
Madame Web unknown facts

If you didn’t know, Madame Web actually suffers from a neurological disease called myasthenia gravis which left her paralyzed. This is how she got her patent look. However, due to the illness, she couldn’t even breathe until her husband created an advanced wheelchair that kept her alive. Yes, it was a respirator.

3. She Originally Helped Spider-Man

Madame Web unknown facts
Madame Web unknown facts

While she is a villain, she actually debuted in The Amazing Spider-Man #210 helping Spider-Man stop an assassination plot. Peter reaches to her through an ad in the newspaper and she convinces him of her powers by revealing Spider-Man’s true identity. However, she forgets about Peter Parker after a violent encounter with Juggernaut.

4. Gathering of the Five

Madame Web unknown facts - Gathering of the Five
Madame Web unknown facts – Gathering of the Five

Madame Web was already pretty strong, but Marvel decided to take it a step further. While she was already a powerful mutant people wouldn’t want to mess with, she went on to take a part in the ritual called the Gathering of the Five. This is the process that effectively made her IMMORTAL. The gathering involved five people, including Norman Osborn, who came together with five ancient artefacts to achieve higher power. While they got the power they desired, the process had some nasty mental side effects.

5. Unaffected by House of M

Wanda wipes out most of the mutants in House of M storyline
Wanda wipes out most of the mutants in the House of M storyline

House of M is one of the most memorable events which nearly wiped out all mutants but Madame Web. Wanda wiped out most of the mutants but she was a part of the group that survived. Her iconic ‘No more’ did not wipe out Web and if Marvel ever adapts this, it would be an interesting development to see.

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