5 Things That Miles Morales Can Do (But Peter Parker Can’t)

When Miles Morales was first introduced on the big screen, the movie fans took him as an alternate reality version of Spider-Man; but he is much more than that. Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse was a massive hit and now Miles has many fans comparatively.

The success and love for the character have helped Sony to expand the Spider-Verse. Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (Part One) will witness Miles Morales continue playing an important -part in the future of the neighborhood-friendly Spider-Man. But he has certain unique qualities that set him apart from Peter Parker.


1. His Ability To Blend In!

Spiders aren’t known to camouflage, but they can certainly adapt to their surroundings. Miles has an extremely useful ability to do the same and this particular power helps to put him above Peter Parker. He actually completely disappears and is not just a regular camouflage. This ability isn’t just limited to his physical form. Whatever he is carrying; his clothes, backpack, disappears with him.


2. Much Powerful Spider-Sense

Peter Parker and Miles Morales both have a Spider-Sense. It is one of the signature qualities of being a Spider-Man. It is an extremely useful skill since it saves Spider-Man from getting shot or dashing in front of a car. Peter Parker’s Spider-Sense is tuned in well since he has been using it for so many years.

But Miles’ Spider-Sense was initially weaker, but then it turned out to be quite different than what Peter has. Miles’ Spidey Sense has made him act faster than Peter’s. It warns him earlier and also appears to be much louder in his head; depending on the danger of course. Before Peter passed away, Miles had actually dreamed of the event which suggested his Spider-Sense may be precognitive and even spreads to threats outside his “immediate” area.


3. Miles Morales Can Heal Much Faster

When it comes to the healing factors in the Marvel Universe, most people think about Wolverine… but he is not the only one who is gifted with that power. Spider-Man always had a healing factor, which has helped him to recover from many fights he has been over all these years, even if it took him a day or two to recover.

Miles also has a healing factor and his healing is faster than that of Peter Parker’s. Throughout the comics, Miles has proven to heal much faster from his wounds which would have taken Peter much longer to heal. And moreover, he seems to be much more durable and is capable of recovering from being dosed faster. And of course, Miles can take some intense electric attacks.


4. Miles Has Much Polished Wall- Crawling Ability

One of the very first superpowers Peter Parker discovered was the ability to stick to walls. Wall-crawling has become Spider-Man’s famous superpower. Peter is really good at it and every Spider-Hero has been able to pull this off to a certain extent. But Miles’s ability is a step further.

Miles can use his wall-crawling ability through anything he wears. He can turn it off and on at his will too.


5. He Can Release Energy Threads


Miles Morales can use Energy Threads which can be projected from his fingertips. Miles can project “Golden” Threats of energy from his fingers and can use those to grab his enemies. He has even used this ability to snag his enemies and pull them into the ground and they come much handy when his web-shooters break.

Miles’ energy thread acts quite similar to a spiderweb and also has the same tensile prehensility of the web fluid which was developed by SHIELD for him.

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