From the start of the WandaVision it has a mentioned time and again that everything in Westview is ‘for the children’. The strange intonation that was given by Dottie has become a reality with the birth of The Vision and Scarlett Witch’s two powerful sons, Tommy and Billy. The brothers like their parents share a long a complex history.

Their lives and deaths have been a central core of the most important core of the stories for about twenty years. Their apparent death caused Wanda to go through a mental breakdown and their resurrection helped the comics to plunge into the modern era.


As the viewers already know in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Scarlet Witch’s superpowers and abilities grow in a rapid exponential pattern. The same has been happening in the comics for years too. The first real indication of this exponential growth of her powers was when her children were blessed with the vision.

In the 1985 mini series The Vision and The Scarlet Witch, the former Avenger seeks a normal life in the suburbs. As the story progresses then she uses her vision to conceive the kids.


Suburbia is not a place for constant happiness. After a couple of years their peace of the place was drastically disturbed by the villain named Master Pandemonium. Pandemonium is a former actor who made a deal with the Marvel devil, Mephisto and then became a villain.

He has a hard held belief that Tommy and Billy are made from a magic which is an extension of the fragments of his very own soul. He then kidnaps the soul the of the boys back into himself and then kills them which in turn effects the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe.


The story takes an another twist when Mephisto appears in the show. He reveals that the fragments of the soul that Wanda uses to create her children were not Master Pandemonium, but it that of his. Mephisto wanted to discover fragments of his missing soul but couldn’t do it by himself, hence, took the help of Master Pandemonium. This happened because Mephisto got attacked tragically by Franklin Richards. Like Wanda, Franklin can also alter reality.


As anyone would guess, Wanda was devastated by the tragic loss of her children. She was also grieving from the loss of her beloved husband Vision’s lost soul in a way during the Vision Quest storyline. In order to get past over the grieving she had to completely forget that her children Tommy and Billy ever existed. Wanda doesn’t do this on her own. Her memories are suppressed by her mentor and fellow sorceress Agatha Harkness.

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