5 Times Anime Showed How Ferocious A Master- Student Fight Could Be

Any human being would instigate a fight just to prove themselves to show if they can hold their own or prove that they are superior. And the same is very common to witness in anime.
Many times, these fights are endless in the realm of anime and it could be anything from hero vs villain battle to two lovers fighting against each other.
But hands down the most interesting fight is which occurs between a master and the student.

1.  All Might Fought Midoriya and Bakugo (My Hero Academia)

During the First Term Final Exams, Class 1- A students had to work together in teams of two in a mock battle against their teachers in My Hero Academia.
Even though it was a part of an exam, Midoriya and Bakugo had to work together in a battle against their teacher and number one hero; All Might.

Bakugo as usual refused to cooperate with Midoriya since they have opposing ideas on how to combat their teacher. Even after one of them compromised, All Might is still a challenge. And after taking plenty hits, they manage to pass the test.

2. The Reaper Ended Up Following In His Master’s Footsteps (Assassination Classroom)

A young boy wanted to become an assassin under the guidance of the Reaper – the one responsible and now as an apprentice the boy just wanted praise from hi,.
But he learned that he had only been regarded as a tool. So he abandons the master during a mission and decided to carry out the assassinations in the same fashion as his teacher under the name as the Reaper.
Koro- sensei has to fight not only for his life but also for his student’s against him former disciple.

3. Pain Fought Jiraiya (Naruto Shippuden)

Pain was one of the orphans Jiraiya took care for and even trained him. Because of his background, Pain wanted a world without suffering; but his means to achieve this weren’t exactly fine ones.
After knowing his former students’ deeds all these years, Jiraiya went to confront them. This followed many events and things did not end well for either; the master or the pupil.

4.  Levi And Kenny Fought As Nephew Vs. Uncle (Attack On Titan)

Levi and Kenny lived Underground after Levi lost his mother in Attack on titan. Kenny raised Levi and taught him how to survive and even how to get along with people. And when Kenny understood that Levi would be fine on his own, he left Levi. But when they met after years, they were on opposing sides; Kenny with Anti- Personnel Control and Levi with Survey Corps.

5.  Soi Fon Fought Yoruichi (Bleach)

As a child Soi Fon adored Yoruichi and became her protege as well and their relationship was so intense that she worshipped her until Yoruichi disappeared without informing anyone. Since then, Soi Fan hated her master for betraying her.

Later, they two meet and immediately start fighting as Soi Fan wants to show Yoruichi that she is now stronger than her. But Yoruichi stops her final blow proving she is still superior.

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