5 Times Movies Unnecessarily Forced CGI In The Scenes!

In recent years, there has been amazing significance for practical effects and the props and sets that exist in reality can be physically touched. The ideal situation is when the digital and practical work in harmony but thanks to CGI, however, many moviegoers have come to dislike find it unnecessary computer fakery simple on general principle.

But here are some times filmmakers took the CGI route when the other options could have done the trick too!

1. “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn- Part 2” Made A Really Freaky CGI Baby


There is no surprise that the Twilight franchise required plenty of CGI assistance to accomplish the required amount of vampire twinkle and bedazzlement. But in the final installment of the series, filmmakers went with an effect to introduce the audience to Bella’s daughter, the half-human and half-vampire Renesmee.  It would have made sense if they wanted to create disturbing and sinister affronts to the natural order of the film. But they replaced it with a digital version. The computerized replacement had its own instinctually abhorrent and lacked charm.

The reason was that they didn’t use an actual infant to play the role because the hybrid was supposed to appear as if it could believably talk when only a few days out of the womb.

2. “Justice League” Removed Henry Cavill’s Moustache!

Justice League

In 2017, Henry Cavill came to the set of Justice League with a bushy mustache which was more suitable for a cop movie. That is because he was filming Mission: Impossible Fallout at the same time and he had grown the same for the role of CIA assassin, August Walker.

And Cavill was willing to risk annoying the filmmakers behind Justice League rather than risk Tom Cruise getting annoyed at him. And they had a solution for this aka digitally eradicate the mustache. Unfortunately, the end result was Superman’s mug in certain scenes somehow ended up looking unrealistic and hilarious as well.

3. “John Wick” Made A Digital Dog Poop

John Wick

John Wick movies are masterpieces and of course, them using CGI makes total sense but then they used it to create a “substance: that could have been available anywhere as well; dog poop.

In the first John Wick movie, the young beagle; Daisy lacked the necessary defecatory disciple to decorate the front yard and according to the director, they didn’t allow them to give laxatives to the puppy. So they decided to create CGI poop to give Wick’s property a vital lived-in look. But that cost them around $5,000 which is a lot! Pretty sure they could have just sent someone to local dog parks and gotten some poop.

4. “Tag” Had to Un-Break Jeremy Renner’s Arms.


Jeremy Renner might be Hawkeye but he still had to prove his courage when he injured himself while trying to evade co-stars Jon Hamm, Ed Helms, and Hannibal Buress in a scene in the comedy Tag, after which he agreed to perform another take with two broken arms.

And if that wasn’t enough evidence that Renner is a trooper, he actually filmed the rest of the movie in pain with his casts on. And instead of writing “Get well soon” on the casts, they painted them green so that CGI could make it look like that they aren’t. If you pay close attention, you can spot Renner wearing a brace while he’s wearing a short-sleeved shirt. Maybe they could have made it much cooler by using CGI to give him just more than semi-realistic arms.

5. “Blood Diamond” Used CGI To Make Jennifer Connelly Cry.

Blood Diamond

Jennifer Connelly has been in really amazing films and has even won an Oscar for her role in “A Beautify Mind”. But seems like she hadn’t achieved the skill of crying yet…

But instead of using some drippy saline during the scene where she was required to cry, they just used CGI. Apparently, CGI was the cheapest option compared to making actors come back to the sets for reshoots.

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