5 Villains Fantastic Four Could Fight In The MCU (Who Are Not Doctor Doom)

The Fantastic Four is the Marvel Universe’s first family, in more ways than one- they are a family with some villains. Still, they were also the first Marvel superheroes of the Silver Age, along with the villains originating the entire Marvel Universe. Over the years, they’ve had their share of triumphs and tragedies. Yet, they have always come out of the other side more fantastic than they were. Whether it be supervillain or cosmic horror, there have been times when their triumphs had more to do with the villain’s shortcomings than the heroes and their ability. Here are some villains:

The Puppet Master

The Puppet Master was the stepfather of Alicia Masters, the blind girlfriend of the Body. Using specific clay, he discovered on Mount Wundagore. He could sculpt whoever he wanted and take charge of them, bending them to his will. He targeted the Fantastic Four because he tried to keep his daughter away from them, not coveting to be alone in life.

Puppet Master’s abilities should have made winning the Fantastic Four child’s game, as he could not only take the team members’ power. Still, they could do something like sculpt the Hulk and have him attack them.

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Annihilus has long been the most dangerous Villain in the Marvel Universe. Summoning from the Negative Zone, he used his Cosmic Control Rod to achieve enormous astronomical power and take control. He’s only gotten more threatening in the upcoming years, mastering the Annihilation Wave and threatening the Marvel Universe.

Notwithstanding the Annihilation Wave with him, there should be no way for the Fantastic Four to halt Annihilus on their own anymore. 

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Mole man

The first villain, the Fantastic Four, Mole Man, haven’t been there for a while, but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t influence the team to come back. Driven underground because of his appearance, Mole Man discovered the Moloids, gained a great army. In years to come, he would achieve enormous monsters, becoming the leader of Monster Island.

As good as the Fantastic Four is, a joint attack by Mole Man and his troops would doom the team. His armies of Moloids and the vast beasts he has at his control could lay waste to anything the team threw at him, making them off before they ever got incited.

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Kang the conquerer

Kang The Conqueror is an enemy of the Avengers, but he has connections to the Fantastic Four. Very private, yet aloof, relationships at that; Kang is honestly Nathaniel Richards, Reed’s descendant from the 41st century. Admittedly, before his debut as Kang, Nathaniel first performed as the Pharaoh “Rama-Tut,” battling their series’s time-travel issue. With Kang set to make his MCU première in the Ant-Man film (portrayed by Jonathan Majors), he could make a reappearance afterward as an FF Villain.

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The Wizard & The Frightful Four

Every superhero team apparently must have an evil counterpart; for the Fantastic Four, theirs is Frightful Four. Aside from team captain the Wizard, their numbers have altered over the years (frequent members comprise the Trapster, Dragon Man, Hydro-Man, or Thundra). Giving the Fantastic Four a team who could pair them in skills and numbers could make sense for a debut outing.

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