5 Ways Batman Could Have Defeated Thanos In Endgame

It was 2019, Marvel fans were quite excited about Endgame ever since Thanos snapped in Avengers: Infinity War. In the MCU, it took numerous other Marvel Superheroes to stop Thanos from executing his Snap in Infinity War, but they ultimately failed to stop Thanos because they couldn’t undo what had happened. However, the team re-gathered in Avengers: Endgame, and with the help of time traveling and Tony Stark’s intelligence, they managed to defeat Thanos and bring the other half of the universe back.

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But what if Thanos was fighting against not Marvel but DC heroes? Although the Avengers are referred to as “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes,” it’s Batman who deserves that label in the DC Universe. It might sound crazy to suggest he’d be able to defeat Thanos given complete knowledge of the Marvel Universe and S.H.I.E.L.D.-level resources, but we think you’ll agree when we tell you exactly how he could have defeated Thanos in Endgame.

Creating A Time Loop

Batman and Thanos
Batman and Thanos

The Marvel Cinematic Universe introduced Dormammu in Doctor Strange (2016). The character managed to fall under a time loop created by Doctor Strange. In a similar way, Bruce Wayne would have captured Thanos inside a time loop created by intelligence and not magic. The only way Thanos could have stepped out of it was by settling.

Using The Pym Particle

Batman and Thanos
Batman and Thanos

The tech-geek in Wayne would have known what Pym Particles can do. With that being said, the right application could have enlarged the Gauntlet and at the same time shrunk Thanos. Unpairing would have been easy and thus, Batman could have easily weaponized the situation.

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Forging God Tech

Batman and Thanos
Batman and Thanos

Thor indeed did the unthinkable when he created Stormbreaker, an ax so powerful that it proved able to combat Thanos’ own Infinity Gauntlet. But, just as Batman would ensure all of his team members are prepared for any eventuality should the need arise, it seems that Thanos might have had a contingency plan up his sleeve too. Imagine if Stormbreaker was thrown into space and then came across the Mad Titan’s warship – it mines, pun intended, for a coincidence!

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It’s no secret that Bruce Wayne is quite handy with his hands and has worked on many a weapon over the years (a cave full of them in fact). So, imagine how many weapons he could create even while knowing nothing but losing is on the cards! He could forge dark weapons ahead of time if he knew what was coming and keep them inside his Bat Cave in preparation for such an occasion. That sounds like some pretty solid preparation.

Making Hulk Angry

Batman and Thanos
Hulk in Endgame

Dr. Banner was at a point where he has recently lost to Iron Man. However, we’re trying to think of this from Hulk’s perspective. There’s more we can draw out of Hulk than just some huge guy who becomes strong when angry – he has intelligence, instinct, and a keen survival sense. This is what Batman would have seen in Hulk and his potential goes beyond that of Banner’s understanding: get him even angrier than ever before for what you want him to do!

Destroy An Infinity Stone

Batman and Thanos
Batman and Thanos

Speaking of Batman doing questionable things, he isn’t above killing villains. He’s only killed once before, but it was when he had to save the rest of the world. It might be different with Vision though because other plans could work. However, an all-encompassing plan is still in place and Batman would have destroyed The Time Stone when Thanos thrived to achieve it.

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