5 Ways She-Hulk Is Better Than Hulk (& 5 Ways Hulk Is Still Awesome)

Incredible Hulk is one of the most heroic characters in the MCU.

Hulk made its first appearance in May 1962 by the late Comic Writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby.

This Towering personality rocked both on off-screen and on-screen. Jennifer Walters A.k.a She-Hulk is the cousin of Bruce Banner who professionally works as a Lawyer and fights legal battles for the superheroes across the globe.

Accidentally she met with a blood transfusion tragedy, which germed a mini gamma-ray disaster that turned her into a female version of Hulk. Though they have similar powers and common motives, they still vary from each other in one way or another.

Let us have a look at five reasons why She-Hulk Is Better Than Hulk & 5 Ways Hulk Is Better Than She-Hulk

10. Hulk: Was The One That Started It All

There might be hundreds of reasons why She-Hulk is better than Hulk, but the Origin of this character is started way back in 1962 by male Hulk only.

Due to the tremendous success of this fictional character, In 1980, Marvel featured a separate female character as She-Hulk. This indicates that she-Hulk Origin is indirectly related to her cousin Bruce Banner.

Not only this, but Jennifer also became She-Hulk because of the blood transfusion that was given by Bruce. So from the Origin to the journey of turning into She-Hulk, all the dominant role was played by Bruce Wanner only.

9.She-Hulk: Much More Personality

Everyone loves Hulk’s over angry nature, but in some situations, it became way too dangerous for the Avengers and himself also.

On the other hand, She-Hulk has a pretty decent personality who can differentiate what is wrong and what is right.

Initially, Bruce, after turning into Hulk, always wanted to get back into his conscious entity to lead a peaceful life. On the contrary, Jennifer loves being She-Hulk and never complained about it.

8. Hulk: Is Way Too Stronger

Hulk breaking through concrete

When it comes to strength, She-Hulk doesn’t even stand close to what her cousin is actually.

There is no limit to Hulk’s anger, the more he exasperates, the more he gathers strength, and that’s why sometimes he becomes out of control.

What he’d done with Thanos it needs immense power that many cannot do. In the upcoming days, we may discover new depths of the Hulk, but in the case of She-Hulk, there a specific restriction on her strength.

She cannot simply augment her power with her rage. There are scenes in Comics where she agreed that Hulk is more powerful than her.

7.She-Hulk: The Better Fighter

Strength is not the only thing that gives you victory, sometimes we need strength with tactics to win a battle, and Hulk completely lacks in that field.

Except for his super Strenght, he does not have any other super-powers or skills. He simply crushes the Enemy Face with punches and kicks and makes it lifeless. She-Hulk tactics and techniques are different than those of Hulk. It is a perfect balance of logic and strength.

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6.Hulk: Bruce Banner Is A Genius

When it comes to the Intelligence between Bruce Banner and Jennifer Walters ( Not Hulk and She-Hulk), Banner always leads the race any day. That doesn’t mean that She-Hulk is dumb, but when it comes to rescuing the Universe with some smart tactics, Bruce Banner can be more helpful than Jennifer.

He even tops the list of most brilliant persons in the MCU.

5.She-Hulk: Lots Of Superhero Gigs

She-Hulk has a solid history. She worked with the Avengers team and also played a significant role with the fantastic four-team( the fifth member).

Some of the scenes in the comics with the Fantastic four team was so awesome that fans want her to feature in on-screen. Despite all this, she had her own Superhero team, which consists of many female Superheroes.

4.Hulk: A Founding Member Of The Avengers

Hulk with The Avengers

She-Hulk was a part of the Avengers team, but she is never a core member like Hulk. Hulk is having great leadership Qualities and played as one of the most crucial members of the group.

Captain America might be termed as the First Avenger, but Hulk played an essential role in assembling the whole Avenger team.

He is in the Avenger team even before Steve Rogers, and in one way or another, he led the foundation of the Avengers Team.

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3.She-Hulk: Style-Icon

In the Avengers team, Hulk is the only Superhero whose costume is not eye-catchy. He is found in simple purple stong-elastic pants, and that suits his body structure.

On the other hand, his cousin Jennifer is super-stylish with different attires. She is mostly seen in the purple and white leotard.

2.Hulk: Inner Struggle

The Journey of Jennifer is quite simple. She never faced any sort of pain while becoming She-Hulk, but Dr. Banner had its own struggles. It is like two persons in life( Hulk and Bruce Banner).

Where one wants to lead a simple life, and the other cannot control its anger. Hulk’s evolution from Banner to Hulk is more a curse than a boon for him.

It gives the vibe that he had scuffled a lot in his life.

1.She-Hulk: She Breaks The Fourth Wall

I feel she is the only character that speaks with the comic readers and directly connects with them. From the Comic days, she is more of a reader-friendly character, which gives the exact thing what the reader expects from her.

She is the only character that reduces the bridge between the reader and the fictional character. Or in filmy words, we can say she breaks the fourth wall.

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The fans desperately want her to be in the MCU phase4. She can be an excellent addition to Marvel and Team Avengers.

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