In the mid-90s, Joel Schumacher’s time of Batman movies has mainly been mocked and written off. However, this is often mostly due to Batman & Robin. Since its much-rejected release, audiences tend to club Batman Forever and Batman & Robin together. But actually, Batman Forever was an enormous hit and received better reviews than its predecessor.

Batman & Robin – Bat Skates

Batman Forever had a magnificent opening action scene with real stakes. Batman & Robin gets over cartoony when Mr. Freeze has frozen a museum. His followers attack Batman and Robin on ice skates, so they magically create skates as well. Since this is their first fight with Mr. Freeze, it’s challenging to know that a situation would occur in which they’d need skates.

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Batman & Robin – Bat Credit Card

Batman’s ice skates aren’t the most powerful tool at his end in Batman & Robin: not by a big shot. After being tempted with mind-control pheromones from Poison Ivy, Batman and the Boy Wonder start a bidding match at charity disposal to win a night with Ivy. When the amount of money becomes viciously large, Batman pulls out his bat-themed credit card. It produces a co-occurring sound effect of a cash register getting open.

Not a single scene in this movie has likely offended viewers more than the bat credit card’s presentation. Many Batman fans see the weak joke shows everything wrong with Joel Schumacher’s series.

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Batman & Robin – Poison Ivy And Flytrap

Batman & Robin’s most crucial plothole is that the villains are mismatched since Mr. Freeze desires to freeze the planet and Poison Ivy wants to spread in plants. So, Poison Ivy dies before the film’s freezing finale. Robin finds Ivy sitting in an enormous venus flytrap, and, following her fight with Batgirl. Ivy kicked into the flytrap, which appears to overwhelm her.

Why did the venus flytrap swiftly turn on her when she was sitting in it just moments before? Finally, Poison Ivy’s death is odd and anti-climactic.

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Batman Forever – Batmobile On The Building

Director Joel Schumacher changed the entire Batman franchise when he took control in 1995. He reinvented Gotham City as a CGI-happy, status-obsessed city, threw nipples on the Batsuit, and showed the world with an original Batman: Val Kilmer. Nowhere was Schumacher’s relationship for change more apparent than with the new Batmobile. It came complete with neons, giant fins, and static rims emblazoned with the Bat symbol. Not enough? Schumacher had more.

Additionally, in this fantastic design, the director dropped in rear jets to drive diagonally; because visible lack of mobility was such a ‘bummer’ in previous installments.

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Batman & Robin – Awkward

In a movie full of strange moments, Batman & Robin gets down-right awkward during the Barbara Pennyworth debut. During the tour of the grounds, Bruce recommends she stay with them, to which Alfred urges, “We do get so busy here.” However, Bruce asserts, with awkward smiles and dead air.

It is unclear what audiences assume to gather from this scene. Does Bruce emphasize she stay because he wants her to join the team and become a superhero?  The fact that Alfred has a Batgirl suit already made supports this theory.

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