5 Worst Things That Spider-Man Has Ever Faced

When it comes to Spider-Man, the old adage “Parker luck” inevitably comes into play. Tragedies and other inconceivable events seem to have followed Peter around from the moment he first debuted in comic books. Peter is easy to relate to because we all face difficulties on a daily basis. Reading stories about Peter overcoming these challenges and constantly returning for more is as inspirational for the reader as it is a distinguishing feature of Spider-Man.

Peter has been through a lot in his short life. He’s had a lot of relationships with gorgeous ladies. Even if he wasn’t Spider-Man, there would be drama, but with his secret identity, things are much more difficult. His passion for science has led him to meet some remarkable professors and mentors who conduct experiments in remote locations. Peter has always had to negotiate the tangled webs of family and superherodom. All of this leads us to supervillains, many of whom have a personal connection to Peter Parker in his civilian life. In many situations, these ties span many generations, making coping with the aftermath all the more challenging. It’s been a difficult trip for everyone’s favorite wall-crawler.

  1. When Spider-Man Became a Public Menace

Peter Parker has always been driven by a desire to generate money. His work as a photographer for the Daily Bugle and its Editor-in-Chief J. Jonah Jameson is most well-known in his comic book career. Peter’s secret is his ability to leverage his Spider-Man persona to obtain the greatest images in the industry. Jonah pays him, but he always makes sure that the wall-crawler is in the news.

While this relationship has shifted from time to time over the years, the thankless nature of Spider-work Man’s cannot be underestimated. Giving up relationships, sleep, and money to assist others only to be publically disgraced. This taints the public’s perception of him, and it definitely provides for some strange confrontations with people. Aunt May was furious when she discovered Peter’s secret.

2. Inevitable Death

The different runs on Ultimate Spider-Man over the years are warmly remembered. It was, in many respects, a greatest hits collection for the many years of Spider-Man stories before it was mixed with a modern perspective. Readers were able to see the character grow before their eyes once more. As a result, the finish of his run was packed with emotion. Ultimate Spidey is killed in a fight with the Green Goblin. He dies as a great hero should.

The notion is driven home by the reactions of others, from Aunt May and his many girlfriends in the Ultimate Universe to Peter from the 616 Universe (the normal Marvel continuity) in Spider-Man. Yes, Peter has had to witness the aftereffects of his own death on others.

3. His Life With Mary Jane

Once upon a time, Peter Parker struck gold. When a stunning redhead came on his door, his life was changed forever. Their relationship wasn’t always flawless, but after years of sharing experiences, they decided to marry. Peter, the scientific nerd who was harassed in high school, ended up marrying a supermodel. But, as is frequently the case with superheroes, life would take a lot of unexpected turns.

They would have a pregnancy that would result in a stillborn kid. This followed doubts over whether Peter was a clone or not. Their relationship suffers as a result of this, with MJ pleading with Peter to stop being Spider-Man for good and Peter failing to keep this vow. Eventually, events led to one of the most contentious occurrences in Marvel history, Mephisto erasing the marriage from history in return for rescuing Aunt.

4. Gwen Stacy’s Death

Death plays a significant role in Spider-journey. Man’s At times, it has compelled him to assert that “no one dies.” On every level, it haunts him. Gwen Stacy’s death is one of Spider-most Man’s memorable images from his tenure as the web-slinger. Gwen Stacy was a one-of-a-kind girl in that she was stunningly gorgeous while not always following the popular crowd. Because of his devotion to being Spider-Man, Peter was blind to her crush on him for a long time.

But she didn’t give up, and they had a fantastic dating experience. Many admirers consider her to be Peter’s, first real love. For comic book readers, her death at the hands of the Green Goblin was unexpected and devastating.

5. Uncle Ben’s Death

We’re all human and make errors. Peter Parker may be the most knowledgeable about this. So many of the incidents he encounters revolve around his obligation. That all started when he had a selfish moment, which lost him the life of his greatest mentor and best friend, Uncle Ben. Money and rage had clouded Peter’s judgment, allowing a thug to flee, who would then murder Uncle Ben later that night.

The shift in Peter’s perspective caused by this occurrence was the most noticeable of all the events on this list. He now had to wield immense power with great caution. Uncle Ben’s death is one that goes unnoticed. There may have been some subtle signs, such as during Clone Conspiracy, but we know this death is irreversible. It needs to be because otherwise, there is no superman.

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