5 X-Men Plot Holes That Are Ignored By Everyone!

X-Men was released back in 2000 and the audience saw their favorite Marvel characters on the screen for the first time and we had no idea that the decades of superhero franchise films were ahead. And the X-Men films are still going strong. But sadly there have been few films that have had these inevitable plotholes missed by one director or ignored by another. And these plotholes were ignored just by everyone, fans and creators alike!

1. Wolverine Somehow Got Back His Metal Claws At Some Point!


At the end of The Wolverine, he gets his adamantium claws chopped off his body. However, he is able to grow the claws back as bone claws when his healing factor kicks in. And he should still have bone claws at the beginning of X-Men: Days of Future Past because there is no conceivable way for him to have bonded new adamantium to his skeleton in the meantime.

2. The Absurd Aging Jump Between the Younger and Older Actors


The characters in the X-Men franchise age shockingly quickly and badly especially for their ages. James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender played Professor X and Magneto well into the ’80s and into the early ’90s. But in order for the, to look like that in 1992, but like Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan by 2000; only eight years later, is something that has gone horribly awry. And it’s obvious that many fans just chose to ignore this because the performances were top-notch, even though they make no sense at all.

3.  They Killed the “Unkillable” Mutant In The Same Movie He Was Introduced!


The prequel film X-Men: First Class is one of the best movies in the entire Fox X-Men franchise. But unfortunately, this movie also had a few major fumbles. One of the characters they introduced to the team was Armando Muñoz was killed way too quickly. He was also known as Darwin, Armando’s mutation is the ability to survive literally anything. And this makes it bewildering that Armando is killed in the same movie.

4. Cerebro Has Way Too Many Origins


The master machine Cerebro, which Professor X uses to locate and interact with any mutants on Earth has several origins in the X-Men universe. At different points, both Magneto and Professor X have separately claimed that they were the ones responsible for creating it.

But then, the movie X-Men: First Class showed that it was Hank McCoy or Beast who built the very first Cerebro prototype, Professor X tested it and Magneto was present. But it was Beast who built it, ALL BY HIMSELF.

5. X-Men: The Last Stand’s Ending Just Makes No Sense!


X-Men: The Last Stand, is considered to be one of the worst films in the entire franchise. The film had many missteps which happened towards the end of the film. At one point in the film, Magneto was given the mutant “cure”, but then by the end of the film, he started to regain his powers.

Later, Magneto has his powers back and there are no consequences from the mutant cure. And what’s more shocking is that Professor X was literally disintegrated in the movie but he still returns !! It was explained that he put his “consciousness” into another movie but then he’s just Patrick Stewart again. And none of this makes any sense.


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