6 Actors Leaving The MCU (And 4 Staying Back)

Ant-Man and The Wasp will be the 20th installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thanos has already snapped his fingers ending half the universe along with half the Avengers team but there’s a worse scenario that MCU, fans and actors need to face: contracts. Yes, that’s right. A few contracts of actors are coming to an end.
Many of these actors signed on with the company when it was in its infant stage and dedicated more than 10 years to the franchise. Today we will talk about 5 actors who will be leaving the MCU (and 4 who still have contracts.)

Chris Evans (Leaving)

Chris Evans started his journey in MCU back in 2011 with Captain America (The first Avenger). Though the film wasn’t a huge success worldwide but it established Evans as Captain America. Evans was equally good as Human Torch in the Fantastic Four but he will be remembered more as Captain America.
The deal ends with the running Avengers 4 movie which will release next year which has left the fans crazy demanding for more. Sadly, we don’t see this happening.

Scarlett Johannson (Staying)

Scarlett Johannson began her run in Marvel with Iron Man: 2 as Black Widow and since then, she has played a significant role in the franchise. She starred in Avengers (2012) but the film which got her recognition was Captain America: Winter Soldier which established her role of Black Widow in the franchise. Avengers 4 will be her seventh film in the franchise and the rumours even say that a solo Black Widow film is also is the works currently.

Chris Hemsworth (Leaving)

Thor was among the founding members of the MCU along with Captain America and Iron Man. Thor released in 2011 and left the audience mesmerised with Chris Hemsworth as Thor. He was even termed to be born to play the role and no one else could’ve done it better.
But he won’t be playing Thor forever. In an interview with CBS, Chris Evans said that even Hemsworth’s contract will come to an end and after Avengers 4, he will not be seen swinging a hammer.

Sebastian Stan (Staying)

Stan signed a nine film contract with Marvel to play the role of Cap’s best friend Bucky aka The Winter Soldier. His first appearances takes us back to Captain America in 2011 followed by Winter Solider in 2013 and Civil War in 2016. This year’s Infinity War marked his fourth film with the MCU.
Ignoring his cameo in Ant-Man and Black Panther, he’s yet to appear for five films in MCU.

Chris Pratt (Leaving)

With Guardians of The Galaxy, Chris Pratt has become a known Marvel actor. He captivated the audience with his portrayal of Star-Lord and this year’s Infinity War marked his third appearance with the studio. Reportedly his last film with MCU would be Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 4, which will begin its production phase this year.
Nevertheless, the actor might renegotiate his contract with Marvel, as he had mentioned in an interview.

Josh Brolin (Staying)

He began his journey in Marvel with Guardians of The Galaxy in a brief role. We saw him in full splendor, seated on a huge throne but his brief presence on screen was majorly appreciated.
However, he played the center role in Infinity War where he’s in the lead as Thanos, who is the main protagonist and antagonist of the film.
We don’t know much about his contract except the fact that he signed a multi picture deal with Marvel studios.

Robert Downey Jr. (Leaving)

Just like Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth, Robert Downey would also be taking off his suit after Avengers 4. Downey started his journey with Iron Man (2008) which marked the beginning of MCU. This makes him the founder of the MCU who has been the face of the company ever since. He has appeared in major roles since 10 years in nine films.
Well, MCU wouldn’t have been the same, if it wasn’t him!

Michael Keaton (Staying)

Keaton made his MCU debut with Spider-Man: homecoming, playing the role of villainous Vulture opposite Tom Holland as Spider-Man. Keaton gave one of the best villain performances since Tom Hiddleston’s Loki and broke the myth of ‘bad’ villains in the studio.
After getting defeated by Spider-Man in homecoming, we all thought that it’s the end of Keaton but no, he’s not going anywhere. He will come back in the sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming as Vulture.

Mark Ruffalo (Leaving)

Yes, this is another original Avenger who would be leaving the team if his contract isn’t renewed. His first appearance was in Avengers (2012) followed by an Iron Man 3 post credits scene and Age of Ultron in 2015. Ruffalo as Hulk was loved by all in Ragnarok. Infinity War marked his fifth appearance in the franchise and Avengers 4 will be his sixth and final one.
We might see him again because the actor has shown intent to renegotiate his contract. WE HOPE HE DOES THAT!

Jeremy Renner (Leaving)

He debuted as Hawkeye in Avengers (2012) but he also appeared very briefly in Thor (2011) before that. He went on to star in Age of Ultron and Civil War as a part of team Cap. He didn’t appear in Infinity War so Avengers 4 will mark his fifth and final appearance for the franchise. He signed a five film deal with Marvel which will end in 2019 though there’s no virtual information of his contract online.

Vasu Sharma
Vasu Sharma

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