6 Amazingly Surprising Powers Of The MCU Characters We Haven’t Seen On-Screen Yet

There are numerous powerful characters in the MCU: both heroes and villains. Usually villains get defeated in the end but the fans always look forward to how they test our heroes. Of course, the most interesting of them all was in Infinity War where our heroes teamed up against Thanos and the movie ended with the death of almost half of Avengers. Now it would be great to look forward how our heroes will fight back against the Mad Titan in Avengers 4.
Most of the films are inspired by comic book events with some variations by directors and script writers. But there are certain characters who haven’t been shown with all their flair and powers in their MCU adaptation and keeping this mind, today we bring out to you 6 powers of MCU characters that we haven’t seen onscreen yet.

6. Gamora’s healing factor

Gamora is a really skilled and strong fighter. And yes, she has a healing factor and I’m sure this has disappointed you after her fate in Infinity War. Thanos used to make his daughters, Nebula and Gamora, fight since they were kids to make them stronger. Thanos is shown as a terrible father in the MCU as he takes his daughter’s life.
Interestingly, Gamora in the comics has a healing factor though we also agree that this wouldn’t have saved her from his father.

5. Hawkeye Can Fence

Hawkeye is a masterful archer and we all missed his presence in Infinity War. But we are set to see him back in action with Avengers 4 and we also might see his another set of skills: fencing.
Hawkeye’s origin is an orphan who ran away to join the circus and there learnt acrobatics, archery and fencing. Both comics and movie versions focus more on the archery part but one shouldn’t forget that he’s equally good with the swords.

4. Vision can split himself in smaller parts

Vision is one of the most powerful creations as he was made by a combination of the most creative minds. Vision was created by Tony Stark, Bruce Banner and Ultron and his comic version is equally strong and smart but there’s one thing we haven’t seen in movies: Vision splitting himself.
Yes, he can split himself and this was discovered in Avengers A.I. #1 and here, Vision is made up of nanobots and due to their nature, he has the ability to change his shape and split into numerous smaller parts.

3. Nakia’ malice powers

Nakia is very differently depicted in the movies than the books. In the movies, we see her protecting Wakanda even after she broke up with T’Challa. However, the comic version would never take a break up well and we see her turning into Malice, who uses her poisonous kisses to get what she wants and constantly troubles T’Challa. This poison leaves men obsessed with her.
Well, we hope that we never see that side of Nakia in the movies ever.

2. Groot’s Stretching Powers

Groot is seen as the most adorable member of the MCU. The fact the Groot is dead and Baby Groot is his soon has made us all fall even more for the character. We have seen numerous powers of Groot in its Cinematic adaptation like regrowing his limbs but what we haven’t seen is his stretching ability. Similar to Reed Richards of Fanstic Four, Groot can stretch himself to limitless distances.

1. Shuri’s Black Panther Powers

There is only one Black Panther in the movies and it’s T’Challa. His sister works in their technical department and is shown to be highly intelligent. But if the writers are inspired enough by the comics, we might see Shuri fighting in a Black Panther suit.
In the comics, Shuri takes over the throne though things are never easy for her. We even see Shuri and Black Panther fighting alongside each other in the comics.

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