6 Characters Who Could Replace ‘Steve Rogers’ As Captain America

A lot of speculation seems to be going on about the aftermath of Avengers: Infinity War. Many hold the belief that Avengers 4 will be the one where Steve Rogers makes his last stand. As those who are knowledgeable of the comics know, there have been many Captain Americas over time other than Steve Rogers.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has already introduced a couple of his possible replacements, and fans are looking forward to seeing who gets to inherit the coveted title if indeed the rumours floating around are true.

1)James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes

Sergeant Barnes is Steve Rogers childhood friend and brother in arms. He is probably the most obvious choice. Although he had been a long time pawn of Hydra being under their control after being brainwashed, with Shuri’s help, he seems to have gained control of himself and has found some of the answers he was looking for.

2) Falcon

Sam Wilson, known as the Falcon, the fan favourite, the wisecracking hero of the Marvel Universe who stands by Steve Rogers through thick and thin.

Fans keep speculating about what sort of suit he would wear if he does become the Captain. Whether he would be able to incorporate elements of both the costumes or would he have to restrict his style with the Captain’s original suit. He has held the mantle in the absence of Steve Rogers in the comics.

3) Melinda May

Arguably the best hand to hand fighter in the Marvel Universe. She also has the strategic capabilities equal to that of Captain Rogers. She might be the only one who would fit perfectly in his role and help out the gender debate going on without ruining the franchise.

With Ming Na Wen being a well-liked personality on Agents of Shield, it may not be shocking to see her take the role of Captain America.

4)Sharon Carter

Already introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the great grand niece of the great Peggy Carter, Sharon Stone is another great candidate for taking up her love interest’s role.

She has already shown her combat skills, and it would be safe to assume that she is as smart as Peggy Carter. She has played a minor yet vital role in the Cinematic Universe so far, but fans agree that she could be better utilised.

5) Somebody who is a normal citizen

Similar to Jason Gordon Levitt’s character in Dark Knight Rises, Marvel might not choose an existing character to take up Captain America’s place. Instead, they might want a person who has lived amongst the common public.

Somebody who shows that they have the heart of Steve Rogers and is willing to sacrifice everything to protect what he believes in. It can be anyone who is encouraged by Roger’s public stance against injustices and his apparent sacrifice in the movie to come.

6) Nobody (Retire Captain America completely)

Nobody is a character from the universe. It merely means that Marvel might decide to do away with Captain America’s character from the Movie Universe. Steve Rogers was the Captain not because he was part of some experiment, but because of what he was as a person.

In a symbolic gesture, Marvel might decide to show the world that Steve Roger is irreplaceable and just anyone with similar skills cannot take his place.

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