6 DC Characters Other Than Bruce Wayne You Never Knew Were Once Batman

The DC Comics readers are very well aware of the fact that in comics, actually, anyone can become Batman; provided they have the sufficient money and training.

Yes of course you don’t get all the impressive powers like Superman or something, but hey, you get access to Batmobile and some really dope gadgets!

For almost 2-3 decades of Batman, there have been many stories where others have done the Batman’s suit and in fact, there have been times where other famous characters have fully taken the Batman role instead of Bruce Wayne. Check them out:

1. Clark Kent !!!!!!!!

Clark Kent

Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent have exchanged their suits many times over these years. But the most remembered incident was in Superman/Batman #55 2009 where Batman ended up receiving Superman’s powerful abilities.

Silver Banshee was behind causing The Man of Steel’s power to transfer to Batman.

Sadly, the powers cause Bruce to lose his mind and control, initially, he wanted to save the world but then when encounters Bane, he is angry and punches a hole through his chest!

Justice League wasn’t happy about it and he even warned them to stay away! Alfred also created a modified batsuit for Superman.

2. Jim Gordon

Jim Gordon

That time when Bruce Wayne died and was reborn without his memories and skills, Gotham needed a new Batman. Since there was no one to take on the suits, the city’s government thought it was perhaps the best to introduce a police-sanctioned batman.

And Commissioner James Gordon was more than happy to take on the mantle. He even returned it back when the real Batman came back.

3. Damian Wayne

Damian Wayne

No one expected Damian to become the batman as a small kid (of course he has some amazing ability), but Bruce always knew what his son was capable of from the beginning.

Damian, being the son of Talia Al Ghul and Batman, has a perfect balance of villainy and heroism and that can be seen as he was Robin to his father. However, as a Batman of the future, Damian is more dark compared to his predecessors and his stories are set on the fact that just maybe he was not completely prepared to take on the role.

4. Alfred Pennyworth

Alfred Pennyworth

Batman’s trustworthy butler, Alfred Pennyworth, has also donned the Batsuit. When Alfred was initially introduced, he had no idea about who Batman and Robin were, even though he was around them all the damn time.

In one of the many stories, Alfred wanted to help Bruce fight “Gotham”, a hero who has now become a villain and is going to create problems in Gotham City. Bruce needed a way to distract him and asks Alfred to try to stop him before the real Batman arrives.

Alfred gets in the suit and drives the Batmobile and his mission is a success!

5. Dick Grayson

Dick Grayson

Dick Grayson is known for the many roles he has played through these years as the very first Robin, Agent 37, Nightwing; but he has also donned the Batsuit. When Dick moved on to lead the Titans, Bruce didn’t bother him.

When Bruce was killed by Darkseid during “Final Crisis”, Dick took over as the Batman. Later when it was revealed that Bruce was still alive, Dick carried on as the Batman and as  Bruce concentrated on the implementation of Batman Inc., Dick was focused on Justice League and Gotham City.

6.  Hugo Strange

Hugo Strange

Dr. Hugo Strange (a psychologist) is extremely obsessed with Batman and has worked for Arkham Asylum. He is highly dangerous and knowledgeable and thanks to the places he has worked at, his skills in experimenting on the inmates are sharp.

He is the only villain who could deduce Bruce’s secret identity on his own.

In the comic Batman: Prey, when Hugo goes to work for the Gotham City Police Department, there is a new initiative in works to put an end to vigilantes. As he begins to work on the psychological profile of Batman, he becomes unstable. He gets his own bat-suit and dresses as the Batman and says he is doing all that to “get inside of Batman’s head”

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