6 Disgusting Things That Venom Has Done

Venom has long been one of Spider-most Man’s venomous adversaries, yet the character has grown into a revered anti-hero in the Marvel Universe. This is a far cry from the vengeful Venom of the 1990s, who depicted a persona devoid of mercy and filled with hatred. This list does not showcase Venom’s heroic achievements in recent years, but rather his worst crimes – and he has some doozies in his background.

If you’re unfamiliar with the character, you may imagine him as a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy or, at the absolute least, a hero paired up with Flash Thompson, Spider-biggest Man’s admirer.

Whatever Venom is up to in the comics these days, his background is filled with slaughter, disturbing sexual assaults, and a slew of other events you wouldn’t want to show your mother or children.

1. Venom Attempted to Sexually Assault Eddie Brock’s Girlfriend

Venom is well-known for his insane behavior, but few readers realised just how insane he is until they read the three-part serial Venom: The Madness (1993-1994). The plot follows Eddie Brock as he struggles to accept his symbiote while living with his love, Beck. The symbiote, Venom, opens the storey by claiming that there is no such thing as real symbiosis; one element is always dominant, but the battle between the two culminates in a third entity: insanity.

Venom begins to gain control of the symbiote without Eddie’s knowledge or permission as Eddie’s control of the symbiote deteriorates. In one case, the symbiote goes too far with Beck and seeks to sexually abuse her. As Venom prepares to assault Beck, the Juggernaut saves her by crashing in to fight the symbiote.

2. Venom Animated A Corpse And Got It On… With Another Corpse

In the film What If? Spider-Man The Different, Venom abandons Scorpion, with whom he had worked until the villain was imprisoned. After releasing Scorpion from prison, Venom travels to the Brooklyn Bridge, where he discovers Peter Parker’s body cocooned beneath. Instead of starting a transformation into an avatar for the Spider-Totem, Peter chooses death, which Venom exploits.

The symbiote begins a process of permanently merging with Peter’s corpse, and after a few months, a new entity emerges and heads to Mary Jane’s residence.

Mary Jane refuses to believe it’s Peter and cries out Venom’s name, but the animated corpse of Peter and the Venom symbiote have renamed themselves “Poison,” intending to generate a new symbiote for MJ so they can be together forever.

When Mary Jane refuses, Poison flees to Forest Hills Cemetery in search of Gwen Stacy’s grave, Peter’s first true love.

3. Venom Made Out With That Thing

Marvel Comics/Fair Use

Venom seldom backs down from a confrontation, especially when the opponent is larger than him. When it comes to the Ever-Lovin’ Blue-Eyed Thing, Venom employs a strategy that few would utilize against a massive rock monster: he kisses him. So, sort of… In Venom #11, Venom sends his tongue deep down the Thing’s throat in an attempt to strangle him to death.

It would have worked if the Human Torch hadn’t intervened by burning Venom’s tongue off. The Thing vomits out Venom’s severed tongue when it falls from his mouth. Delightful.

4. Venom Forced His Host to Eat People

Marvl Comics/Fair Use

Anyone who becomes bonded with the Venom symbiote will find human flesh on the menu. Venom succumbs to the symbiote’s ruthlessness as he unites with Mac Gargan, AKA the Scorpion. During Venom’s first appearance, the symbiote made repeated remarks about devouring human brains, but Brock was able to put this terrible propensity at bay.

Gargan, on the other hand, is not so lucky, which is why his reign as Venom is one of the most disgusting and frightening of all time. He consumes the brains (and bodies) of his victims on a regular basis, which is practically cannibalism.

5. Venom Murdered Someone Infront of Children, then Offers them Candy.

Marvel Comics/Fair Use

In Venom: Sign of the Boss, the US government employs Venom to travel to the Bronx to assist in the rescue of a church from a born-again South American President who has taken refuge there. When Venom comes, he murders the bad guys in his normal ferocious style, killing a man in front of a gathering of children. When he realizes he may have scared them, he does what anyone in this position would do: he gave them candy.

The next panels show him attempting to appease the children, which demonstrates how Venom is a genuinely terrible guy. Ghost Rider, the Spirit of Vengeance, eventually comes and decides that Venom may have more innocent blood on his hands than the South American President. Then things start to become interesting.

6. Venom Swallowed His Clone

Marvel Comics/Fair Use

When Venom generates a new offspring, he normally sheds the old one and abandons them, having no parental connection. This is fantastic when Venom has the ability to spawn freely, but when he doesn’t, he doesn’t take it well. An evil government agency (comprised of aliens) once cloned Venom with the intent of creating their own lethal suits to rid Earth of humanity.

The clone pursues Venom and attempts to murder him, but when confronted, Venom absorbs the clone into himself. Venom harbours the clone within himself for years before returning to form a new identity, Mania. Venom was never afraid to eat his clones in the most heinous ways conceivable.

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