6 Famous Superhero Movie Plots Holes That Just Can’t Be Ignored!

Comic book movie adaptations usually have a pretty great success rate in Hollywood. There are so many characters and quite a lot of source material which makes it difficult for the makers to choose one. However, even the greatest stories sometimes have some loose ends, be it unanswered questions related to a character or something that should have been basic information, here are some plot holes from our favorite superhero movies.

1. Who All Were Actually Going To Be A Part of The Avengers Initiative?

Still from Avengers

Nick Fury didn’t want Iron Man because he wasn’t a team player. Cap was a surprise whom they found in ice. Thor joined since his brother was involved (again a surprise). Bruce was involved as a scientist and not Hulk. Hawkeye was there to get back at Loki. So they were just gonna recruit Black Widow?

2. Diana Was Supposed To Know About Marriage

Wonder Woman In DECU
Wonder Woman

Diana; the Wonder Woman can recite Socrates in Ancient Greek and yet doesn’t know about marriage which is utter bulls**t considering Socrates spoke about marriage a lot. And Hera is the goddess of marriage!

3. Jane Van Dyne, Technically Should Not Have Aged In The Quantum Realm

Ant-Man and the Wasp

In the movie Ant-Man and the Wasp, they have states like a zillion times that in the quantum realm, time doesn’t pass, and thus aging shouldn’t even be possible considering time does not exist there. The film went on to show examples of things that didn’t age… then why did Janet?

4. Why Didn’t The Gotham PD Remove The Joker’s Makeup In Order To Figure Out Who He Was?

Joker in DCEU

Okay, maybe this is why Gotham has so many crimes going on. In the movie The Dark Knight, the soon-to-be Commissioner Gordon manages to capture the Joker thanks to Batman. They bring Joker to the police station to find out who he is.

They do the routine fingerprints, dental, fingerprints, etc, and yet aren’t able to clearly identify him.
BUT THEY NEVER CLEANED HIS MAKEUP! The Police Department is the real clown here. Wouldn’t the first step normally should have been cleaning the damn makeup?

5. Diana And Steve Could Have Just Taken A Regular Plane Instead!

Wonder Woman

In the film Wonder Woman 1984, Diana and Steve (who was in the body of someone else) stole a plane just cos “Steve” doesn’t have a passport. But that makes no sense… Steve was in someone else’s body so that guy should have a passport! Maybe they did this just to put in the scene for wonder woman’s invisible jet.

6. How did Clark Kent Get A Job At The “Daily Planet”?

Clark Kent

Clark Kent was the new intern at the Daily Planet at the end of Man of Steel and it made most of us wonder… HOW?

Clark is a high school dropout and that too is from a random town in Kansas… so how did he manage to get an internship from one of the most prestigious newspapers in the USA… keeping in mind people would have killed to get that job.


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