6 Iconic Characters Who Deserve The ‘Logan Treatment

What do we mean by Logan treatment? Logan movie was not like a normal superhero movie. It was an emotion. Heart wrenching storyline with Johnny Cash’s Hurt as its theme song, Logan was a historic movie and that’s why got the nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay too.
It was not just a “finale.” It was like a referendum to the long time running hero. After The Dark Knight, Logan was one such character which everyone’s heart and soul. It was a unique piece of work. A unique approach to a superhero movie. And we are desperate to see other characters getting the same sort of treatment.


Nightwing is yet to make a major appearance on the big screen and the Bat-mythos wonder why. If anyone has read Tim Seeley and Tom King’s version of Nightwing, they will understand how much potential is there in Dick Grayson. Everyone wants a requiem for the caped crusader. However, we want one for Dick Grayson. A young boy born in orphanhood who was breeding to be a vigilante, Dick Grayson’s life is of a grown man whose potential was always shadowed by his surrogate father. The older Grayson would then ponder over the Gotham city, mourning for the Robins lost, wondering why he is the only one who came out alright.


We will talk about the television version here. Stranded all alone on an island, the story of a rich miser becaming one of the legendary warriors of all time is something which definitely needs the Logan treatment. Building up a team for the next generation, Oliver Queen’s story need to be portrayed in the old rhetoric way. If someone is actually able to connect himself with all the emotions and scenarios which Oliver has faced, he could feel that pain; the one we did in Logan.


One of the Quentin Taratino’s best works ever is Kill Bill. And there has been rumors that Tarantino is planning a return to the franchise. Remember when in Kill Bill Vol 1, Vernita Green’s daughter Nikki. She witnessed how her mother was murdered by Kiddo. And Beatrix told her that she would be waiting for a revenge. So, another volume of Kill Bill should be made which would focus on honor for Kiddo and revenge for Nikki. This would not only give the iconic character of Uma Thurman in the movie a perfect requiem but would take us back to our Golden days.


Zorro would surely be the oldest character in this list. He could be said as a “valiant hero.” A common man with no superpower but enough dedication and commitment to sacrifice himself for the common man. And in one of the origin stories of Batman we find that The Waynes were returning from the screening of “The Mark of Zorro” when they were killed in the alley. While we have already witnessed the story of an aged Zorro in 1998’s Mask of Zorro, where the mantle is passed by Anthony Hopkins to Alejandro, we would like to still keep the focus on Don Diego (Anthony Hopkins). How an aged Zorro would live through his dark days would be an emotional scene to watch for all the Zorro fans.


The pirate who never dies. The POTC Franchise is yet to give a cinematic climax to Jack Sparrow. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End gave a fitting end to the lead protagonist, Will Turner portrayed by Orlando Broom. However, the end to Jack Sparrow in the movie was not satisfying for the audience. They thought that he should have deserved better. But they didn’t know that they haven’t seen the last of him. He returned in the fourth edition of the movie and is still going strong. However, the sixth part is about to come and we think that it’s time for the “grand finale” for Jack Sparrow’s character. It could be really emotional seeing Disney putting an end to our favorite character, but he deserves it now. It would be more of a honor rather than killing off.


And finally, one of the most classic and iconic characters of all time. Indiana Jones, our favorite adventurer of all time, with his cowboy hat and his whip. When Steven Spielberg Indiana Jones trilogy ended, audience were disappointed. Big names like Lucas and Spielberg were unable to give a honor ending to Indy. And that’s why they returned with “The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” in 1998.
It was just an amazing idea by the duo to bring in a delayed sequel to portray on the life of a aged Indy. However, the honor finale was still missing.
Recently, Spielberg stated that he might take another swing on the now Disney owned character. So, is Harrison Ford gonna return in his iconic role for one final time?

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