With almost two dozen movies, Marvel Studios has cultivated a very diverse and epic rogues Gallery of Supervillains. But there’s room for even more. Here’s how they fill it up.

Confirmed: Kang The Conqueror

It was but only a rumor. But even a whisper is strong enough to fan the flames of geekdom, turning it into a raging bushfire. It was recently announced that Jonathan Majors will be playing the time traveling warlord in Ant-man 3: Quantumania. Kang is a force to be reckoned with. Aided by the Council of Kangs, alternate reality Kangs that have conquered entire timelines, Kang intends to conquer the planet using his knowledge of past and future events. He is also equipped with powerful technology that helps him in his quest. Kang is also a descendant of the Fantastic Four. so there’s a high probability Marvel’s First Family could also appear in some form.

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Hope To See: Fin Fang Foom

Marvel aims for the weirdest and strangest of villains nowadays. Everything from an extra-dimensional God of Dark Magic to a talking planet goes. So comparatively, a sentient talking dragon does make way better sense. Fin Fang Foom has already been teased in the Iron Man movies of the Marvel cinematic Universe. An ancient dragon who has fought the Avengers since ages, he would make the perfect supervillain. If you think Thanos looked weird, wait till you see Fin Fang Foom growl at the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. It is going to be epic and hysterical at the same time.

Confirmed: Carnage

Although we know carnage does not necessarily fall under MCU jurisdiction, Sony still has a very close relationship with them via Spider-Man. After the successful run of Venom, the sequel will feature Cletus Kasady bonded to venom’s off-spring – the carnage Symbiote. Corrupted by the mind of a vicious psychopathic killer, Carnage has been a thorn at the avengers’ side. When this guys raises his hands, a massacre soon follows. Woody Harrelson will play the character in Venom 2.

Hope To See: Green Goblin

With Venom, Morbius, and Carnage so closely connected with the MCU, it does not hurt to think if the biggest baddest Spider-Man villain also makes his official entry. The Green Goblin aka Norman Osborn is Spider-Man’s staunchest enemy. They have crossed paths in the Sam Raimi movies and the animated shows. They are yet to cross paths in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We hope the status quo changes soon and the Green Goblin hogs the spotlight it so truly deserves.

Confirmed: Gorr The God Butcher

Thor: The Dark World absolutely devastated the Thor franchise. It was probably the worst Marvel movie after Age of Ultron and Iron Man 2. And then came Thor: Ragnarok, the funniest and by far the greatest solo superhero movie under the Marvel Cinematic Universe banner. The fourth Thor movie will feature a different kind of a villain. Succeeding Hela from Thor: Ragnarok is Christian Bale’s Gorr the God Butcher for Thor: Love & Thunder. As the name implies, Gorr butchers Gods after he concludes the Gods never cared to help him in his time of need. So the logical conclusion is that he must kill them all.

Hope To See: Enchantress

The Enchantress is nowhere to be found in the MCU. The Thor sub-franchise is probably the weakest link in the entire Marvel saga. But it has the greatest potential of all. With a variety of characters from different worlds, Thor has had a colorful history the MCU could explore in detail if given a chance. The Enchantress is a powerful witch who wields Asgardian Magic. She uses her beauty and charm to entice men from all nine realms. The only one that has escaped her spell is Thor, who is somehow immune to Enchantress’ magical charms. this made her fall in love with Thor and she has been obsessed with the God of Thunder ever since.

Confirmed: Taskmaster

Many villains of different skills exist in the MCU. Some wield magic while others can walk through walls. There are villains like the Taskmaster who are fearsome just because of their hard-earned skills. The Taskmaster can mimic any fighting technique once the villain has observed it in action. The identity of the Taskmaster is Black Widow remains a mystery. But the very inclusion of the character rings too many bells. The MCU is about to blow up. A master assassin for hire is on the lose and out for blood.

Hope To See: Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom and the Marvel Cinematic Universe have had an on again-off again relationship. No one is really sure if the one true emperor of Latveria is going to make his debut in the MCU. But we believe Marvel studios will listen to the fans. Doom is definitely the greatest Marvel Supervillain to ever exist. You may counter that argument but there is really no point. Nobody is bigger and meaner than Doctor Doom. A villain like that deserves a spot in the MCU’s Rogues Gallery Hall of Fame. Make it happen Marvel!!!

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Confirmed: The Mandarin

The Mandarin is Iron man’s greatest enemy. Even the genius Tony Stark thinks twice before crossing paths with him. The likes of Thanos respect the mandarin. That alone proves just how powerful he is. Iron Man 3 gave us Ben Kingsley’s version of the villain. It was an outright bomb. Kingsley’s Mandarin turned out to be just an actor, the real smarts of the operation being Guy Pearce’s character. The Mandarin has been recast. He will be appearing in the Shang-Chi movie, played by Tony Leung. We hope this time Marvel does not screw it up.

Hope To See: Namor

Since we already have established the fact that hidden nations exist within the purview of the MCU, why not take a step in the same direction. Wakanda is not the only marvel of technology that exists in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. T’Challa (May his soul rest in peace) is not the only royalty that should be revered and respected. we also have Namor, King of Atlantis and the first ever mutant to make his appearance in the Marvel Comic Book Universe. Namor is an anti-hero who will do anything it takes to protect his underwater kingdom, including going against the surface world.

Confirmed: The Deviants

After going past major villains like Thanos, Dormammu, and Hela, Marvel has to look past the frontlines and make its way towards the forgotten foes. The Rogues Gallery of Marvel is rich and diverse. It has something in store for everyone. The Deviants, for example, are a major antagonistic race hat have fought the Eternals for centuries. They were the creation of a genetic experiment on humanity by the Celestials. The Deviants will be appearing in Marvel’s Eternals. A lot is being expected from this race since there are so many to choose from. The Eternals will be having their hands full for now.

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