6 Most Destructive & Evil ‘Future’ Versions Of Superheroes We Bet You Didn’t Know!

Superheroes are our hope. Our hope for a better and brighter future. Our hope of inspiration, our savior, and our protector. They have the power to just wipe off the entire planet of the planet, but we believe in their inner good.

Evil Future Versions Of Superheros

But till then. Even the slightest moment of heartbreak or continuous struggle for justice could cause even the best of people to unleash their beast. And that’s what happens with some of the best superheroes in the comic world when they turned evil.


Evil Superheros
Destructive Hulk

The Maestro came into the picture in Incredible Hulk. The “Future Imperfect” story arc takes us hundred years in the future, where a nuclear war has destroyed almost all of the humanity. Even the biggest heroes of the planet are dead.

The Incredible Hulk was in the few of them who survived. This war demolished Hulk’s morale and increased his strength and intellect. He became insane and started merciless killing of every surviving heroes of the planet. Hulk renamed himself as “The Maestro” and emerged as the supreme leader of the world.


Evil Superheros
Injustice Superman

What happens when the most powerful being on earth goes bad? Or should I say goes ugly? Injustice happens. The best of the best Superman too once lost his temper and intellect for all good.
In the Injustice series, the Joker tricks Superman into believing that he is fighting Doomsday by using Scarecrow’s nightmare gas. Superman thought he was fighting against Doomsday, while actually, he was destroying his love, Lois Lane who was at the time pregnant with Superman’s child. As Lois Lane’s heart stopped, it triggered a nuclear bomb which caused the death of millions in Metropolis.

This drove Superman insane, breaking his no killing code as he turned merciless and filled with vengeance. He tore Joker apart by just a punch through his torso.


Evil Superheros
Flash point- Wonder Woman

Flashpoint was like a boon to the DC universe. The attempt of Barry Allen to save his mother caused terrible changes to the entire timeline.
War was announced between the Amazons and the Atlanteans. Princess Diana (Wonder Woman) was about to marry Arthur Curry (Aquaman) to unite the Amazons and the Atlanteans. However, Queen Hippolyta was murdered on her wedding day and The Atlanteans were blamed.

This kick started a war between Wonder Woman and Aquaman, with Europe being their battleground. Over 12 million people met their fate by the hands of the Amazons, with Wonder Woman leading from the front. Europe was renamed “New Themyscira.”


Evil Superheroes
Flashpoint Aquaman

Diana was not the only one affected by Barry’s alteration to the timeline. Arthur Curry, who in the alternate timeline goes by the name Orin was the king of Atlantis in the Flashpoint timeline.

The war was declared between Amazons and the Atlanteans and it featured the most brutal of Aquaman. Over 60 million people were sunk into the ocean. The Emperor of the Seas didn’t only ruled the oceans but also had humanity hostage in his vengeful fist.


Evil Superheros
Dark Beast

With cloning and genetic manipulations being its background, X-Men universe is known for producing awesome and lamer clones of our favorite stars. And Beast was no such exception. Dark Beast is not the clone of Beast (Hank McCoy). He is from the Age of Apocalypse universe, where he was the chief geneticist. For him, “experiment” and “torture” was the same thing.
He managed to alienate himself from everyone and convinced the world that he was the real Hank McCoy. He was later exposed and went underground to continue with his experiments on mutants and humans.


Evil Superheros
The Batman Who Laughs

This happened in Dark Knights: Metal. Before I write any further, this is just the most brutal and reckless version of Batman ever. In the above series, the entire Justice League had to come together to fight against different Batmen from different timelines. There was The Red Death, The Merciless and The Murder Machine along with the others. However, none of them was as powerful as “The Batman who Laughs.”

In an alternate timeline, Batman’s entire rough gallery is killed by the Joker. Jim Gordon is murdered, as he set up a series of families to be killed as the Joker unleashes his toxins to the surviving children. This gruesome act of Joker broke Batman’s patience as he killed the Joker by breaking his neck.
This left Batman in sheer mental agony. Batman wasn’t aware of the fact that Joker had the toxin inside his heart, which would release as soon as his heart stopped. And that’s what happened. It infected Batman making him more and more like the Joker.
And that’s it. The Batman who laughs killed off the entire Justice League, and brought mindless chaos upon the entire world.

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