6 Most LEGIT DCEU Casting Rumors We’ve Got So Far

When the DC Extended Universe announced its schedule for a complete list of superhero movies, just like the MCU, it got the fans excited to a whole new level. However, Man Of Steel and Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice failed to impress the audience which kind of anguished their excitement for the Justice League. And it was so. Justice League actually failed to make a mark on the audience unlike The Avengers. Thanks to Wonder Woman who became the saviour of DCEU in such times.

But we should always remember that the DC Universe is full of iconic characters. And a lot of A-listed actors have lined up for the role. Here are the best casting rumors we got for the DCEU.

Joker Image Credit: Royy_Ledger(Art Station)


When the DCEU came up with their version of Joker in Suicide Squad (2016) with Jared Leto playing the Clown Prince, audiences were highly disappointed. But then again, WB announced that they are planning a solo Joker movie which wouldn’t star Jared Leto.
On getting deeper into this matter, it was found out that WB would be releasing this movie under DC, but it won’t be a part of the DCEU movies. This movie will be produced by the legendary Martin Scorcese and directed by Todd Philips.
It’s also been reported that Joaquin Phoenix will be playing the Clown Prince of Gotham. However, when asked, Phoenix said that he doesn’t know anything about it. Was he serious? Or just playing a coy.


We all are eagerly waiting for Green Lantern to appear in the DCEU. When the first Green Lantern was released in 2011, it was meant to create a larger cinematic universe for the DC. However, the movie failed miserably and the ideas for the sequels were scraped.
But when Justice League was released, we expected that might be Green Lantern in the same. But we were disappointed.
However, now WB are in talks of a Green Lantern Corps movie.
But since there are multiple versions of Green Lantern we are not sure which might be adopted. But reports are there that Tom Cruise are in talks with WB to play Hal Jordon on the big screen. Not only this, Henry Cavill too is asking the franchise to convince Tom Cruise in joining the DCEU franchise. And it is kind of necessary too. Tom Cruise will bring in heavy star power which will help the audience in forgetting the failure of the previous movies.


Ofcourse Hal Jordon is not the only one to take the Green Lantern’s oath. John Steward was chosen as a backup in case Hal Jordon was incapacitated. When the Justice League Animated Series made its debut on the screen in 2001, John Steward was the Green Lantern.
And we expected something similar in Justice League movie in 2017. The rumors of casting Idris Elba was so high that we started getting fan arts portraying Elba as Green Lantern. But nothing like that happened.


Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice featured a destroyed Robin suit in the Batcave with Joker’s dreading words written on it. Also in Suicide Squad, Joker and Harley Quinn talks about murdering Robin. However, it was not clear which Robin were they referring too. In the comics, there have been multiple Robins including women too like Barbara Gordon. Joker killed the second Robin, Jason Todd. And we are not sure if he is the same one who we are talking about in the movies.
But with a solo Batman movie soon to be in production, we are pretty sure that we will be getting our Robin.
So, how does Anna Kendrick fit into this picture. Joe Manganiello, who is all set to play Deathstroke, posted a picture with Kendrick referring her as Robin.


When Ben Affleck was announced to be the newest Bruce Wayne in 2013, the reaction wasn’t so positive. Fans were unable to forget his abysmal role in Daredevil. Affleck announced that he is in as Batman for a longer run. However, the performance of BvS and Justice League seems to be altering his decision.
He recently made statements about not continuing with the DCEU. Which brings to us a major question: Who’s gonna be the next Batman? The name of Jake Gyllenhall surfaced but he made clear that he won’t be there in Matt Reeves’ solo Batman movie. He doesn’t deny the fact that he is in talks for role.


As we have already mentioned that Martin Scorcese is all set to produce the next Joker solo movie releasing under the baner of DC by Warner Bros.
It is rumored that there are two reasons Martin Scorcese is brought on board. First of all, a name like Scorcese is going to bring some gravitas to the project. And secondly, he might be able to lure Academy Award Winner, Leonardo Di Caprio for the role. Scorcese and Di Caprio have worked on numerous projects together, and most of them have been a super hit. So, is this the end for Jared Leto? And what about Phoenix?
In the comics, there are three versions of Joker. Maybe Di Caprio would be one of them.

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