6 Most Powerful ‘War Machine’ Suits In The History Of Marvel, Ranked!

They say that Tony Stark is selfish, arrogant prick. But if he was, why did he develop the War Machine. War Machine was never a major character in the comics. The fame he got was when Don Cheadle took up the mantle in Iron Man 2 in 2010.
Just like Tony Stark, Jim Rhodes aka Rhodey has grown significantly over the MCU, with his armor upgrading just like Iron Man’s. However, we are still unaware of the awesome armor he owned in the comics. Lets take a look back at the most marvelous War Machine armors.


This was witnessed in Iron Man#281. This suit was two times thicker than the regular Iron Man suit and consisted of big protruding guns on either shoulder. This was why it was named War Machine.
The suit was called Variable Threat Response Battlesuit. Tony had to fake his death. This made Jim Rhodes responsible for the suit. He wielded the suit for the first time and the rest is history.


This issue of Iron Man was not about the billionaire Mr. Stark. It was of a young genius Tony who was studying in Tomorrow Academy. After school, he used to fight crimes with his best friend, Rhodey. They both design a suit of armor for themselves. Being a kid show, the armor for War Machine is not like a vicious one. It is missing the shoulder galting gun. But still, the armor is strong enough to lift up the SHIELD helicarrier.


This is regarded as one of the most memorable armors for the War Machine. Introduced in the Marvel crossover, Secret Invasion, SHIELD is done and taken over by H.A.M.M.E.R. under the leadership of Norman Osborn. He develops the Iron Patriot. When he is outcast, the armor was sent to China.
This suit possessed AI and it was a necessity of SHIELD to get their hands on the suit. Phil Coulson chose James Rhodes to communicate with them. The mission was successful and Rhodey got the chance to ride the Iron Patriot suit.


The name sounds amazing isn’t it? This suit came into picture in 2015 Secret Wars. Doctor Doom destroyed and reassembled the multiverse. For the purpose, he summons the Thors from the different realities. It was like creating a Thor Corps.
In one of the reality, Rhodes was a Thor. And he was the Grand Marshal. He belonged to an area called Battleworld, where everyone wears an Iron Man armor. This was not because they wanted to look savage or anything. But because they needed to protect themselves against a deadly air borne virus. Tony had made a perfect Thor suit for this purpose only.


Thanks to Ultimate Marvel Universe for reviving all the familiar characters in the most interesting ways. Introducing Miles Morales was one such revival. However, Ultimate Iron Man was a total mess. But one of the most notable characters was the Ultimate War Machine. The suit literally contained a nuclear bomb in its arsenal. And just like the transformers, it could transform into a luxury car.


During the Marvel Crossover Secret Invsaion, Iron Man Director of SHIELD was renamed War Machine Weapon of SHIELD. This was to feature James Rhodes as the lead as he battles off against a Skrull Invasion. Tony asks him to go into space and search for a satellite which Tony Made. However, to his amazement, he finds something even better.
With a bit of help from Suzi Endo Rhodey findws out the satellite is indeed one real giant transformer.

The entire space stations wraps him up as he is rebuilt into a Satellite War Machine.


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