6 Movie Fan Theories That Are So Mind-Blowing That They Deserve An Award

Everyone enjoys a good narrative surprise, which is why the Internet is filled with intricate fan theories about everything. Dedicated fans will analyze every small aspect of a piece of art, and movies are no different. After all, there may be all kinds of hidden meanings and Easter eggs that you overlook when viewing a fantastic movie! Fortunately, we’ve explored the deepest corners of the Internet to unearth the most interesting and mind-boggling fan theories about your favorite classic flicks and childhood classics. While some of these fan theories are just hypotheses about a character or a single moment in a film, others fundamentally alter our perception of the whole storyline of the film and even the franchise as a whole. They always have some piece of proof that proves the notion could just be plausible, no matter how far-fetched and ludicrous it appears. Who’d have guessed that a super-dark Grease theory could really make sense, or that a single fan hypothesis about Inception could make its storyline even more intricate and mind-bending? Whatever kind of film you choose, here are 6 wild fan theories about renowned films that will certainly blow your mind.

6. The bat signal is NOT a signal for Batman at all, but a warning shot for criminals from the Gotham Police Department:

“Consider this. Calling in a vigilante by shining a light in the sky appears useless. There’s a good probability he won’t see or detect it in time to stop the precise crime.

My opinion is that the bat signal does not directly relate to or affect Batman, but rather serves as a warning to criminals, much like Gotham PD stating, “He’s active today, so now’s your last opportunity to quit everything, go home, and turn your life around.” Randomusername02130 submitted this entry.

5. The John Wick franchise will span five films, and each film will represent a different stage of grief:

I’m not sure if this has been mentioned elsewhere, but I was watching the series and observed how frequently the characters reference sadness, loss, and death, and—after viewing all the movies back to back so far—it looks like the narratives revolve around each of the phases of grieving.” By Denial.

John is living alone, with his wife’s belongings scattered around the home, unused, as though she will return to utilize them. We watch him attempt to go about his daily life and pretend as if nothing was amiss, but we also see him in pain. He’s even in denial about whether or not he’s “back” till the end of the film. John Wick: Chapter 2: Anger

Santiago is enticed by his killing spree in the first film to bring him out of retirement for good, and to use and betray John. At the end of the film, John’s fury gets the best of him, and he kills on Continental grounds.

John Wick: Parabellum—Bargaining (Chapter 3)

4. Obi-Wan Kenobi wasn’t lying or forgetful in Star Wars, and he DID recognize R2-D2:

He’s stating, “I don’t own this droid because it’s a buddy of mine.” When Luke presented R2-D2 to Obi-Wan Kenobi, he looked at him, made a funny little grimace, and said, “I don’t seem to recall ever owning a droid.”

Fans believe it was an oversight from before George Lucas planned the prequels, but I believe it was done on purpose, since Obi-Wan was attempting to conceal his and R2’s importance. We saw in the prequels how much R2 accomplished and how much the story’s protagonists owe to him. He literally rescued their butts a dozen times. So, according to my idea, when Obi-Wan speaks the contentious line about never having owned a robot, he’s not saying, ‘I don’t recognize this droid,’ or even, ‘Keep quiet, R2, you’ll blow our cover!’ He’s essentially arguing that no motherfucker in this galaxy can possess R2 because he’s brilliant and dependable in ways that no other robot has been. —mybustersword

3. Peter Parker’s ability to create and repair his own high-quality costumes are just another facet of his new superpowers:

Fans frequently point out as a narrative flaw in most Spider-Man iterations how he can both create and simply repair his high-quality clothes, despite being an impoverished adolescent with no prior experience in sewing or costume creation in general.

When you consider that the spider bite may just have given him another talent — seamstress abilities on par with those of a spider weaving its own webs — I believe the remedy to this “plot hole” is simple. This might also be spun (pun intended) to refer to his ability to effortlessly manufacture non-organic webbing. By FaxIzGad

2. The reason the Dementors are so preoccupied with Harry in the Harry Potter series is because he, technically, has 1.125 of a soul:

Essentially, my argument is that the 1/8th of Voldemort’s soul that attached itself to Harry simply implies that he has more soul than everyone else. So the dementors see him and go, “Aw crap, yes! 1.125 for the price of one. I’ve had to grab some of it!” — ThereIsBearCum

1. Captain America in Avengers: Endgame proves that Vision was never ACTUALLY “worthy.”

For those of you who haven’t seen Avengers: Age of Ultron in a while, one of the film’s highlight sequences is Vision casually taking Thor’s hammer when he’s initially formed, then overtly wielding it later during the Sokovia conflict. At the end of the film, Steve and Tony argue with Thor about how he did it. Their two beliefs are that 1) Vision, as a machine, does not count as a living creature and can raise the hammer like an “elevator,” or 2) Vision is a really pure soul who, as a being on “the side of life,” is worthy of defending the human race. Vision is one of my favorite Avengers, so I’m sorry to make fun of him in this way, but… my belief is that Avengers: Endgame hints that the “machine” notion was correct all along and that only Thor and Steve are truly worthy.

During the last fight, Steve raises the hammer. He, like Vision, can summon the hammer and swing it about. However, unlike Vision, he can conjure lightning and employ it as part of his strikes. Remember what’s written on the hammer:

Whoever bears this hammer, if he is worthy, shall have Thor’s might. ‘

Thor’s ability is lightning. It’s the inability to raise the hammer. The hammer serves as a conduit for Thor’s power when he uses it. Thor: Ragnarok establishes that he does not obtain the lightning from the hammer itself. Thor’s power is lightning, and Steve can use it, whereas Vision cannot. “


So there you have it. These are six movie fan theories that are so mind-blowing that they deserve an award. Well, to be honest, these theories really are mind-blowing. I mean, blowing fans’ minds out is a really big thing. What do you guys think about these theories?  Do you have your own wacky fan theory? Leave yours in the comments! BLOW SOME PEOPLE’S MIND!!! Until then, keep on reading Animated Times, your one-stop destination for learning more about the entertainment industry, new movies, TV series, celebrity gossip, and so much more.

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