6 Reasons Marvel Should Make An Immortal Hulk Animated Movie

With only three issues left in the series, Joe Bennett and Al Ewing’s time on The Immortal Hulk is coming to a conclusion. The reimagining of the Hulk’s origins, history, and what death means to him has sparked the development of a slew of new concepts and powers in the Marvel Universe. Thanks to The Immortal Hulk, the Hulk has become more powerful than any of his previous incarnations. In this sense, here are the top five reasons why Marvel should develop an animated film based on the Immortal Hulk.

He’s Unbeatable

The Immortal version of the name was the first and most notable improvement to the Hulk origin and mythos. He is, without a doubt, immortal. While Bruce Banner was first murdered during the day and resurrected as the Hulk at night, there have been times when there have been no definite means to beat or kill the Hulk. To be more specific, the Hulk has been dismembered and utterly annihilated by cosmic energy. Nonetheless, he managed to reappearance each and every time.

He Can Become The Devil Hulk

The Devil Hulk appeared to be the most prominent of all the Hulk personas. He is cunning, cunning, ruthless, intellectual, and most importantly, he has perfect control of the Hulk’s powers. Having said that, the Devil Hulk’s vision and determination were the driving causes behind his mission to annihilate mankind. At the same time, he is extremely concerned about rescuing other Hulk personalities.

His Personalities Can Communicate

Unless the Leader and Xemnu intervened, there was a narrow line of communication and understanding between all of the Hulk personalities. With that said, the Devil Hulk was in command, with Bruce Banner, Joe Fixit, and the Savage Hulk serving as backup. The most notable incident occurred when the Leader penetrated Bruce Banner’s mindscape and transformed him into the renowned World-Breaker Hulk.

He Overcomes His Weaknesses

The Immortal Hulk emphasized the Hulk’s vulnerability to cosmic radiation. Gamma’s might have previously been unstoppable. In this way, cosmic radiation has turned out to be his Kryptonite. That being said, Henry Gyrich was the one who exploited this aspect by connecting the U-Foes with X-Rays on the Hulk. Furthermore, Joe Fixit was able to reappear as a red/green Hulk hybrid. As a consequence, the Hulk’s vulnerability to cosmic radiation has vanished.

He’s Got Strong Mental Control

Last but not least, in The Immortal Hulk, the Hulk’s greatest skill is the capacity to entirely control his thoughts. He managed to take on bizarre new forms and shapes, and this is how he was able to reunite with his body after being separated into pieces. In this perspective, in terms of the future of Marvel films, this version of the Hulk may kill every other hero on Earth and even destroy the Metatron.

He Can Sight Ghosts

Hulk has demonstrated the ability to perceive ghosts and individuals on the Astral Plane. The Defenders were the first to investigate this.

The first Marvel Universe super squad included Hulk, Doctor Strange, Silver Surfer, and Namor, the Submariner, all of whom were outsiders in the Marvel Universe. Doctor Strange was looking for aid when he came upon Hulk in an early issue.

Strange was on the Astral Plane, which meant no one could see him, and he commented on this while casually disparaging Hulk’s intelligence.

Strange was surprised that he could see Hulk at all, let alone hear what he was saying.

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