6 Super Weird Facts About Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch’s Relationship! No. 6 Is a Must Read!

They might not be that popular but they are definitely interesting. Pietro and Wanda Maximoff, better known as Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch have got a crazy relationship between them. The comic universe is full of multiple timelines and in each timeline, Pietro and Wanda share a different sort of relationship.
Being honest, they are not the nicest of siblings.

1. They are just too close!

The title seems to be wierd right. But we are not talking about that. By this closeness, we mean that they are always there for each other, no matter how silly the threat is. They seem to be dependable on each other not for their protection but for their survival too. Quicksilver has always been there to defend and protect Wanda. And they both can always be seen holding hands as if there is some sort of connection between the two.

2. They have played a couple.

Have you seen Godzilla? Aaron Taylor Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen were a couple in the movie. And they had a superb on screen chemistry. No matter we were having doubts whether they were siblings in the Age of Ultron.

3. Wolverine has seen them

The Ultimates went a little vulgar in its storylines. Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver were not having a healthy sibling relation in it. Quicksilver was kind of falling for Wanda cause she resembled their mother.
In the similar series of events, we see Quicksilver having some mommy troubles. He is drawn to Wanda and we see the so called siblings getting really kind of intimate behind the woods. However, there is an animal watching them. The animal is none other than Wolverine himself.

4. Wolverine might be the twins father

It might seem awkward that Wolverine would spy on his own kids. However, The Ultimates 3 says a different story. In the plotline, Wolverine is having an affair with Magda, the Maximoff’s mother. So, this give rise to a possibility that Wolverine might be the father to Wanda and Pietro in this universe.

5. Quicksilver was against Vision and Scarlet Witch

And the love story has now entered the MCU too. Vision and Wanda’s story is one of the most loved stories of the Marvel Universe. The odd couple setlle together, get married and have kids. However, the story gets complicated as we move forward. In one of the stories, Scarlet Witch’s children are just pieces of Mephisto.
To add more stress to this complicated love stories, we find out that Quicksilver was completely against Wanda’s relationship with the android. He broke all strings with his sister for a really long time.

6. Quicksilver joined the House of M just for Wanda

Wanda was becoming increasingly unstable. She found out that her kids aren’t real. They are just a slave of the mighty Thanos. Her relationship with Vision was going through a tragic stage, as Vision lost all his emotional capabilities. With this instability, Wanda’s powers were becoming more powerful and highly uncontrollable. The Avengers realized that she might be a threat to herself and to the people surrounding her. They were confused whether to stand with Wanda or end her once and for all. Seeing her sister in such a trauma, Quicksilver decided that he will do everything possible to revive his sister. He convinces Wanda to use her powers to create a reality in which everyone get what they desire.
However, this created a trouble for mutants like Wolverine. Wolverine was a mutant whose most of the memories were just implants. They never really existed. Logan realized this fact that all his life was just a false reality and confronted Scarlet Witch for this. Scarlet Witch lost her mind and destroyed 90% of all the mutants. She uttered the famous three words, “No more Mutants.”


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