6 Super Weird Uses Of Ant-Man’s Powers, Ranked

Sometimes we see the superheroes pushing their boundaries to achieve the impossible. For example, Ant-Man uses size changing technology, bug telepathy and blasters to defeat his enemies.

Out of all these, his abilities to change size gets the most attention and was discovered by Hank Pym for what he calls the Pym Particles, which allows the change in size while maintaining his strength. Pym has always been known for a lot of bizarre inventions and use of Ant-Man’s powers and today we will tell you about 6 weirdest uses of Ant-Man’s powers and abilities.

6. Tearing Doctor Doom apart

Since Fantastic Four isn’t the part of MCU yet, we haven’t seen Ant Man going against Doctor Doom but this happened in the comics where Doom is responsible for Scott Lang’s daughter Cassie’s termination and this sets out Lang on revenge against him.
In the final battle, Scott destroyed Doom using Pym Particles by manipulating his strength and durability; crushing his armour with his bare hands.

5. Eating the Watcher

This happened in Marvel Zombies where a lot of heroes and villains get infected by a zombie virus.
This issue saw Hank Pym floating through the universe, eating others on his way. He finally ends up on another Earth with Utatu.
Giant Man got really big and ate Utatu, stealing his technology which allowed him to travel to other dimensions and spread the virus to other realities.

4. Stealing from the Avengers

We’ve seen this in Ant-Man, where Scott’s first task is to steal a specific device from the Avengers headquarters. This saw a fight between Falcon and Ant-Man where Scott succeeded in bringing down Falcon in a comedic battle.
Using the powers of Ant-Man to steal tech from Avengers would always sound like a crazy plan though in ended up well for Pym and Lang.

3. Getting on Hawkeye’s arrow

This was a comic book favourite which found its way on the big screen in Civil War where Ant-Man gets on Hawkeye’s arrow to defeat Iron Man.
Obviously this was a bad idea and thankfully, the writers and creators of Civil War gave us an excellently well deserved moment onscreen.

2. Going Giant against the Avengers

It’s crazy how most of the notable Ant-Man moments happened within just twenty minutes of Civil War Airport scene where Lang helps Captain America against Team Iron Man.
The airport fight scene is always fun to watch, with a dozen of different superheroes fighting each other at the same time.
Scott grows himself sixty feet tall and fights War Machine, Iron Man and Spider-Man at once. This resulted in Scott being thrown in jail and later on a house arrest. Bad decision, Scottie!

1. Journey to the centre of the android

We’ve seen Ant-Man going inside the bodies of his team members to fix anything wrong inside them. Out of all these, the one where he goes inside Vision stands out where Hank Pym navigates the android’s psychedelic inside.
It all started with Vision collapsing with an unknown ailment and Avengers turned to Pym for help. The art of the story is noteworthy and we see that the problem is just in the wiring in Vision’s brain but this story is a pleasure for because of the journey.

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