6 Ways Marvel’s Thor Is Not Even Remotely The Same As Thor From Actual Norse Mythology

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has given us a very bastardized version of the Odinson. the real Thor from actual Norse Mythology is way different than the one shown in Marvel Comics.

Thor Is Not Just The God Of Thunder

The Oak God

The God of Thunder – that’s how we remember Thor as. He swings his hammer and lightning strikes, thunder crackles. But in Norse mythology – Thor is not just the God of Thunder. That’s a gross over-simplification. He is also the God of tides, storms, and the weather. He also blesses crops and farmers with a good harvest. Surprisingly, Thor is also the God of Oak Tress and most of his shrines are made out of Oakwood for the same reason. Invoking Thor’s name grants a Viking warrior victory before a battle or increase his fertility.

He Is Not Blond But A Redhead

Redhead Thor

For all the peeps crying how Hollywood is murdering the redheads by replacing them with actors form other races, here’s one for you to actually cry on. Thor is not blond and blue eyed in Norse mythology like the MCU’s Chris Hemsworth makes you believe. He is a redhead, fashioned after famous Viking warriors like Erik the Red. His beard is unkempt and he is also a bit obese and not as chiseled as the MCU portrays him as.

Thor & Loki Are Not Brothers


No matter how much you like Tom Hiddleston’s Loki, him and Thor are not brothers in real mythology. Loki was not even adopted by Odin in actual mythology. He was raised by Laufey and Thor and Loki occasionally travel together. There’s only one instance of Loki being called Thor’s ‘Blood Brother’ in the Poetic Edda but that is as far as it goes. Thor and Loki being brothers is a lie being peddled by the MCU.

Mjolnir Has No Worthiness Enchantment

The Real Mjolnir

The hammer of Thor – Mjolnir, is a weapon so powerful Odin had it enchanted. Only a person worthy of wielding it could use its powers and become Thor. But in Norse Mythology, no such enchantment exists. Any individual from any realm could pick the hammer up. All it takes is a little bit of strength and skill. There was a story where a giant picked up Mjolnir without too much of an effort. The actual Mjolnir also has other powers the MCU has not shown us like shrinking in size and fitting into a pocket.

Frigga Isn’t His Birth Mother

Thor’s Real Parents

In Marvel Comics, Thor is the son of Odin the All-Father and Frigga, the Vanir Witch Goddess. But that is the farthest from the real truth. In real mythology, Thor was the result of an affair between Odin and Jord, a giantess and earth Goddess. The comics have constantly changed Thor’s parentage. From Frigga, the mantle of Thor’s biological mother went to Gaea – the embodiment of Earth and Mother Nature. He is now being hailed as a child of the Phoenix Force.

Thor Flies On A Chariot Pulled By Magic Goats

Thor’s Goat Chariot

No matter how hard the MCU tries to make Thor look cool while flying, they cannot be as cool as the real Thor from Norse mythology. Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder are Thor’s two trusted goats who also come handy in a brawl. They also have a secondary ability. They can be eaten in the night and can resurrect themselves in the morning, giving Thor an unlimited food supply.

Bibhu Prasad Panda
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