6 Weirdest Alternate Reality Marvel Characters In The History Of Marvel Universe

Science insists that we are not the only ones living in the universe and it’s certain that there are many more realities than our own and while this might just be a theory in the real world, the theory of multiverses is real in Marvel. Most of these realities aren’t very different from the original Marvel universe but there are realities which are simply bonkers!
Yes, Marvel is the home to various multiverses and there’s an Earth where everyone is Cyclops or even a universe full of apes. In short, there is no end to these realities. So join us, as we will take you through 6 strangest alternate reality Marvel characters.

6. Married Squirrel girl and Rocket Raccoon
Love can come from unexpected places and sometimes it can be with two completely different people which leave us wondering what caused them together. This is probably what we all thought when Squirrel Girl married Rocket Raccoon. This happened in the 75th anniversary Marvel Celebration comics #1 where both get hitched in an alternate universe. There is no context provided and both seem happy but it leaves the reader wondering how they got in together. Well, if you don’t think love is blind, this issue is just for you!

5. Santa Doom
We all love the Santa Claus, don’t we? Who wouldn’t love a man who gets us all gifts and is usually jolly and has been a source of happiness for kids since ages!
But in one of the issues of Marvel, Santa gets trapped by Doctor Doom who becomes Santa and fights the Fantastic Four, dressed up as Santa Claus. However, a wide eyed girl helps them to realise that fighting is worthless and they all band together to deliver gifts to children.
The issue ends with Doctor Doom learning the meaning of Christmas and this alternate reality left the fans baffled and confused.

4. Leisure Suit Conan
Whenever we imagine Conan, The Barbarian we imagine him smacking enemies but there was an alternate reality where Conan became an entrepreneur.
Yes, this happened back when Conan was a part of Marvel and he was whisked into modern times and while you might think that a man from the ancient times would struggle in the modern day era, Conan succeeds in establishing himself and even woos a woman, wearing his finest clothes and walking a cheetah on the leash! We know it’s weird but I wouldn’t mind that either.

3. Super Racist Iron Man
Marville was a terrible deciding by Marvel and this comic issues proved disastrous for the Marvel comics and here’s why. The plot was absolutely nonsensical with awful comedy and a super racist Iron Man.
Marville was a parody of Smallville of DC( which showed Kal-AOL, who travels from the past to become a superhero. He travels to an alternate reality where Iron Man and Black Panther are extreme right wing fanatics. We see Iron Man vaporising innocent people and even dropping a racial slur while discussing African Americans. Well, this alternate reality Iron Man is almost intolerable and absolutely weird.

2. Juggerduck
Remember Howard, The duck? He was an alternate reality mystery solving duck from Cleveland who’d managed to win the fans’ appreciation which tempted Marvel to go on with his adventures. But apparently, Marvel didn’t stop at this and bought in another Duck named Juggerduck which debuted in Ghost Rider #3 and he is exactly as you can imagine right now; he is like the Juggernaut, just with the face of a duck. He will probably become the member of the future Guardians of The Galaxy which has hybrids of Groot and Rocket Racoon and protects the universe by punching things into eternity. He is yet to make his beginning in Marvel but has already been stated as one of the strangest characters in an alternate reality.

1. Aunt May, Herald of Galactus
We all remember Aunt May as the kind and loving woman who takes care of Peter like her own son but in one of the issues of Marvel Team Up, she becomes the Herald of Galactus.
It all happens as Aunt May and Franklin Richards attend a circus which gets attacked by Galactus who wants to make a Herald out of Franklin. However when he shoots energy towards Franklin, Aunt May interrupts and gets transformed into Golden Oldie. We see a series of adventures henceforth, where Galactus gets obsessed with Twinkies and Aunt May fetching Dough Boy to become Galactus’ Herald. Eventually, Franklin absorbs her powers but Aunt May will always remain on top of the list of weird alternate reality characters by Marvel, ever.

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