Galactus is a really powerful entity to appear regularly as a villain in Marvel Comics. He’s named as the “World Eater”, as he feeds himself on the energy and life of planets throughout the universe. He can easily take down almost all the characters in the Marvel Universe. He was once a space explorer named Galan.

He is unstoppable but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been stopped by Heroes. He has been defeated more than once. Although some of his defeats were through non-violent means, some losses are downright embarrassing. Today we will tell you about 7 characters who brought down Galactus.

7. Fantastic Four

Galactus’ first appearance was in the pages of the Marvel’s first family, Fantastic Four. They didn’t actually defeat him, and they had to take a lot of help from Silver Surfer and Uatu.

While Surfer fought against Galactus, Johnny Storm stole his Ultimate Nullifier. With that, they could convince Galactus to leave Earth.

6. Thanos

During the Infinity Gauntlet series, Thanos acquired all Infinity Gems to control all fundamental forces of the universe.

He assumed an omnipotent status and Galactus disturbed by this sudden shift, allied with heroes and decided to attack Thanos. Thanos, however, crushed Galactus in between two planets.

5. Superman

When the Man of Steel crossed the Marvel Universe, he managed to break free of Galactus’ control and gave up the Power Cosmic. He allied with Reed Richards and reversed all his machines, drawing energy from Galactus.

Eventually, he made Galactus to promise that he would only feed on planets with no life in them.

4. The Avengers

When Terrax, a rogue herald of Galactus took Manhattan as a hostage, Galactus found himself too weak to feed anywhere else except EarthC where Terrax made his stand.

Galactus built a machine to feed off on Earth’s energy. But before he could succeed, he got attacked by Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. The team managed to take him down ultimately.

3. Krona

Krona is an old DC villain, one of the oldest villains of Green Lantern. In a crossover, Marvel and DC saw their Universe combine. Krona was behind this, and this saw the confrontation between Galactus and Krona, who tore Galactus into pieces within moments.

Later on, he used his corpse as a floating space castle. That’s pretty rad, even for a rogue Green Lantern villain.

2. Squirrel Girl

She faced Galactus on the moon and managed to talk him out of his plans with a good heart-to-heart conversation.

She won his favour when he came to know that she had defeated Thanos. Galactus offered her to be his Herald. With Fox and Disney merging soon, it’s possible that fans will get to see this epic confrontation soon.

1. Gravity

Gravity gained new powers when he was resurrected and upgraded by Epoch as the new Protector of the Universe. With his newly gained Cosmic powers, he used these to find a way to channel energy, feeding off his hunger.

Galactus dropped his feud with Epoch and although it wasn’t a major defeat, this was still an occasion where Gravity managed to steer away Galactus from his original intentions.

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