7 Characters Who Have ‘Crushed’ The Hulk

The Hulk is known for his smashing, rampaging and unpredictability. He is often termed as the Strongest Avenger in the Marvel Universe. On many occasions, we have seen Hulk losing his temper and smashing things around him. However, he isn’t unbeatable. There have been quite a few characters who have defeated Hulk.

Whether these characters used their raw strength or luck, they have brought down Hulk. Today we will explore 7 characters who have crushed The Hulk.

7. Iron Man

We all are familiar with the Hulkbuster. Tony Stark is known to come up with an armour to control anyone who’s against him.

Those plans were implemented and Iron Man managed to take out Hulk with a single punch. Of course, that took out all of Stark’s power reserves and almost ended Stark too but a win is a win!

6. Superman

This happened during the 1996 Marvel-DC crossover series; which saw Superman going against The Hulk.

While most fans agree that Superman was fated to win the fight, the pair exchanged some mighty blows until Superman got in the final punch and put down Hulk unconscious.

5. Spider-Man

Obviously, Spider-Man is no match for The Hulk in terms of strength but Spidey is really quick and agile which helped him stay alive in the fight against the big green monster.

In The Amazing Spider-Man #328, Spider-Man got flushed with the Power Cosmic and managed to trounce Hulk. This issue saw Parker punching Hulk into space. BRUTAL!

4. Hawkeye

During the events of Civil War II, Bruce Banner began to rant and grow angry, which left his friends worried about whether he’ll transform or not. But before anything could happen, Hawkeye released a bunch of arrows at Banner, ending him.

Hawkeye had to face the trial for what he did to Banner but it was revealed that Banner himself helped Hawkeye to create those arrows. He had himself instructed Hawkeye to use those arrows when needed.

3. Deadpool

There was a time when Deadpool single-handedly ended the entire Marvel Universe. Even the Watcher. When he faces The Hulk, the fight is short which sees Hulk tearing Wade Wilson apart.

However, he regenerated and decided to wait for Hulk to transform back into Banner and once that happened, he pounced on him and ended him before he could transform back into Hulk.

2. Thor

This happened during the Incredible Hulk Annual 2001, which saw Thor unleashing a full power lightning bolt to the back of Hulk’s head.

This knocked him down instantly and he could not find a way back to his feet. Thor then picked him up and flies off with him. On the way, however, Hulk woke up and gave Thor a taste of his own medicine.

1. Batman

During the 1981 DC Special Series #27, Batman used his cunning tactics to defeat the strength of Hulk.

Banner found himself employed at Wayne Research and after getting manipulated by The Joker and Shaper of Worlds, he set himself on a rampage. Batman threw a knock-out gas grenade at Hulk’s face, and as it exploded, Batman kicked Hulk and forced him to inhale the gas. This allowed Batman to subdue him with ease.

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