It could be really hard to keep a check on the various DC characters than it’s for Marvel. The reason is due to the number of different versions of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman present in the DC multiverse and adapting their into the Cinematic Universe. This means that there are many unresolved mysteries and plot holes in the world of DC that haven’t been addressed yet.

Many DC fans have stepped up and created their own fan theories to patch up those holes in the DC Universe. And a few times, DC has reached out to fans to confirm some of these theories. Today we will enlist 7 weird theories that DC actually confirmed.

7. Superman Was Saved By Aquaman In Man Of Steel

One scene in 2013’s Man of Steel shows Clark Kent using his powers to save a group of workers on a collapsing oil rig. He manages to hold up a massive burning tower, which gives the rescue helicopter enough time to fly away from the oil rig. Kent saves the workers, but he is injured in the process and is left floating in the water. This scene leads to a flashback to Clark’s youth, which is followed by him emerging on the shore.

The reveal of Aquaman’s presence in the DCEU led some fans to believe that he was responsible for saving Clark Kent’s life in Man of Steel.

6. Dick Grayson Is DCEU’s Robin

The second individual to pick up the mantle of Robin was a child named Jason Todd, whose most eminent commitment to the Batman mythos was being associated with a storyline where people, in general, got the opportunity to cast a ballot on whether he lived or not.

When a torn and vandalized Robin suit showed up in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, most fans accepted that it had a place with the Jason Todd adaptation of the character, yet there were other people who imagined that it would have been a disruption and that it was Dick Grayson who died in this universe. The theory was later confirmed by Zack Snyder.

5. ‘Knightmare’ Sequence Hinted At Injustice

There is a scene in BvS: Dawn of Justice where Batman has a bad dream (named the “Knightmare” by fans) of a future where Superman has turned sour, with Batman driving a revolt against him. The Knightmare scene included Parademons working for Superman, which reflected that it was connected to the overall storyline including Darkseid, with the likelihood that Superman energetically joined Darkseid after the end of Lois Lane.

Many fans had guessed that this succession was a reference to the Injustice arrangement and had nothing to do with Darkseid outside of the Parademons. In Injustice, the Joker traps Superman into taking out Lois Lane and proceeds to crush Metropolis, making Superman turn into a ponderous ruler, with Batman driving the remaining members of the Justice League against him.

4. Lux Luthor Referred To “The Sun” Not “Son”

In BvS, Lex Luthor creates Doomsday from the body of General Zod. With the end goal to do this, he joins his very own DNA with that of Zod’s body and uses Kryptonian innovation to complete the activity. At the point when Luthor lays over the group of Zod, he says that he “flew excessively near the sun” which is a reference to the legend of Icarus.

There were a few fans who felt that perhaps Luthor wasn’t discussing the “sun” but instead the “child”, as in, the last child of Krypton, which is a name regularly given to Superman.

3. Chief In Wonder Woman Is A Demi-God

The presence of the Greek Gods in the realm of DC comics has additionally implied that different creatures from folklore may likewise exist, which is helped by the way that these creatures are typically public domain and can be utilized by anybody in an imaginative undertaking. One of Wonder Woman’s partners in Wonder Woman additionally has an awesome past, as Chief happens to be a diving being.

Chief converses with Wonder Woman in his local dialect and presents himself as Napi, which is the name of a cheat divinity of the Native American religion.

2. Something Else Also Survived The Destruction Of Krypton (and It’s Not Supergirl)

Superman might be the last child of Krypton, yet there are a lot of different Kryptonians who endured the decimation of their homeworld, including Supergirl and Krypto the Superdog. In Man of Steel, Superman finds a scout dispatch from Krypton that contains a few void cryo units, one of which is open when he arrives.

The fans had estimated that the open case could have a place with Supergirl, who may have concealed her forces from the world. There is additionally theory that the case could have contained Brainiac, who is likewise a local of Krypton and would make for an epic scoundrel in a Man of Steel continuation. This theory was later confirmed by the director.

1. Nightwing Was Going To Perish In Comics

Unbounded Crisis was a second endeavour by DC to tidy up the various issues that had emerged throughout the years, which brought about various storylines being retconned and characters being pulverized to clear a path for new ones. It felt as though Nightwing’s storyline was being enveloped with Infinite Crisis, as the city of Bludhaven (his base of activities) was wrecked.

The last issue sees a scene where Batman draws a weapon on Alexander Luthor because of the death of Superboy, which many felt was unusual and would have been more fitting on the off chance had it been Nightwing who died.

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