7 DC & Marvel ‘Alternate Reality’ Characters We Are Dying to See on the Big Screen

Alternate realities. This topic is not only limited to comics. Scientists like Neil deGrasse Tyson and Stephen Hawking have bought the Multiverse Theory.
But our comic writers are way ahead of their time. Both Marvel and DC have published hell lot of alternate realities over the years.
The Multiverse gave us one of our most beloved superhero, The Ultimate Spiderman, Miles Morales.

But he is not the only one. There are multiple superheroes from the Multiverse whom we would love to see on the big screen. Here are our list of the Alternate Versions of Superheroes we want on the big screen.


The Ultimate universe is where you get dark stories, heroes are less idealistic and overpowered. The Ultimates are the Avengers of the Earth-1610 universe.

And with Captain America, Iron Man, Ant Man and the Wasp perfectly lined up in the MCU, we might see them on the big screen soon.


This was something out of the box for the comics. Mark Millar released the Elseworlds comics which explored the incidents which could have happened if Superman would have landed in the Soviet Union instead of Kansas.

But Superman didn’t turn into a Soviet War machine. Instead he helped people and wanted to save the world. Just the belief was different. He fought for the expansion of Soviet Union’s prosperity because he believed that it was right.


Lobo belongs to the Amalgam universe. This universe brought a crossover of DC and Marvel popular characters and created new ones by combining their traits. This included Dark Claw (Batman and Wolverine), Dr. Strangefate (Dr. Fate and Doctor Strange) and the infamous Lobo the Duck (Lobo and Howard the Duck).

Combining the most rough and tough character of one comic to the most silly character of the other. This was a power packed action with just the perfect amount of humor.


The main Earth Doctor Doom needs to be corrected before moving on the alternate version of him from House of M.
Reed Richards, Sue Storm and John Jameson are killed in the cosmic storm.
And then Doctor Doom creates the Fearsome Four, The It and his wife The Invisible Woman, his son Kristoff as The Inhuman Torch and himself.


Imagine a Lex Luthor fighting for the good. One of the greatest master minds in the comics world is fighting against the evil Crime Syndicate of America to protect the world. He is just the complete opposite of his Earth-1 Lex Luthor. Earth-3 Luthor Jr. is a always determined hero who develops plans to protect the world.


War has begun between Altantis and Amazon. And it is setup in an alternate reality. Barry Allen traveled back in time to save his mother and henceforth, creating a chain of events which destroyed everything. Bruce Wayne is dead, and Thomas Wayne is the Batman. There is no Hal Jordon. Superman has been captured and kept in captivity.
Seeing someone as powerful as Diana in full war mode leading the army of Amazons in just the most brutal way possible.


Only if the regular Damian Wayne wasn’t dark enough. However, he gets even more darker in the Injustice series.
This time Damian gets head to head with his father. Damian takes side of Superman and his transformation is just too compelling to watch. Damian accidently kills Dick Grayson leaving Batman in grief.
Damian is torn apart between his anger and his emotional attachment with his family.


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