The people over at DC are fit for turning the ship around. The writers and executives are starting to come around to find an alternative method to succeed. It appears their movies are no longer playing up to speed up to Marvel. The entire film wing of the corporation seems, by all accounts, to be inclining towards the reset button.

This list is about those characters, who have shown up in a DC universe film, that the DCEU needs a do-over on. No role is safe. From the low screen time characters to the main characters, DCEU needs the reset catch everywhere.


Entries like this will show up a great deal on this list. This section is classified as “spare the villain.” A huge issue in the DCEU is that writers took popular villains and front-stacked them. No obnoxious deviant was given the space to feel threatening.

General Zod is an ideal case of this idea. Not exclusively to the DCEU waste time setting up his storyline but they likewise promptly burned off his threat by ending him.


Dr. June Moon fills in as a villain. The Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde dynamic among her and Enchantress are convincing. But, their backstory isn’t taken care of well in the film.

In fact, director David Ayer wrote on Twitter that Enchantress should turn heel because of the Mother Box controlling her. This reveal is a disgrace, in light of the fact that it makes fans need to forget the character’s arc also now.


As raised before, the Jesse Eisenberg version of Lex Luthor feels like a spin off of Eisenberg’s Mark Zuckerberg. The choice to make Lex a youthful tech genius with the psychological instability of a self-indulgent Charles Manson felt off from the get-go.

Lex Luthor shows up too soon. The villain is squandered away as an edgy and silly villain.


DCEU needs fans to overlook that the villain appeared in a post-credit scene. With Matt Reeves’ Batman film underway, the inclusion of Deathstroke is presently not yet decided. This choice makes the DCEU look like it hopped the firearm a bit on his inclusion in that post-film meetup.

The gaff imitates the slip-ups Marvel made with Thanos. Thanos appears to be different in each post-credit scene. It made fans stress for the direction of the character and how well the writers would deal with the beloved villain.


One final time: spare the popular villains for a major result! Doomsday is intended to be an immaculate beast keen on obliterating Superman and the earth. The choice to surge his arrival and ruin his appearance in the film ruined the character’s film debut.

Doomsday should have been a massive threat. Rather, when Doomsday ends Superman, it nearly feels like a mishap.


Put the pitchfork down and recall: if a character is done well, incorporate the character more. Ezra Miller fits the job of Barry Allen. His depiction of the Flash stayed with fans, and numerous watchers thought that it was critical. The reason that the DCEU needs fans to forget the character is that they need to do the character justice appropriately.

Rather than the Flash is a piece of the side cast for his first big-screen action, Allen deserved a noteworthy title film before Justice League.


Movies that influence a risk to can pick up a great deal of credit for those risks. Be that as it may, those dangers should be done the correct way. Jared Leto as the Joker was a risk that nobody needed to make.

Playing the Joker was a difficult task for Jared Leto. Regardless of what a few fans would abhor the portrayal since some fans decline to look past Heath Ledger’s version of the character. The Joker’s use in Suicide Squad is insignificant and, frankly, the film does not require him.

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