7 ‘FASTEST’ Superheroes, Ranked

Since the inception of Superheroes, one debate hasn’t settled yet: what’s better: super strength or super speed? While there are many heroes who make name for themselves based on their power, some make name for their speed. There are some, however, who are known for both.

Fastest Superheroes Ranked:

They can travel faster than you can dream. And today, on this note, let’s focus on the fastest superheroes that are there in the DC Universe.

7. Superman

Fastest Superheroes Ranked
The Superman

Superman is usually seen as one of the strongest heroes. It’s fitting that the last son of Krypton is also one of the fastest. He has also raced The Flash at times and each hero has been victorious on occasions.

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Both Wally West and Barry Allen were too fast for Superman in The Flash #49. Even Superman agreed that he can’t match their speed. Still, Superman is among the fastest Superheroes in the DC comics.

6. Quicksilver

Fastest Superheroes Ranked

Quicksilver isn’t always a hero but in recent years, he has fought alongside the Avengers. He’s Marvel’s version of the Flash and is among the fastest superheroes in the world of heroes. Both characters are really fast and fans have always wanted to see them go against each other.

On rare occasions, DC and Marvel give a crossover, the speedster run together. The Flash wins usually but just to have a gist at Pietro’s speed, watch X-Men: Days of Future Past.

5. Silver Surfer

Fastest Superheroes Ranked
Silver Surfer

He possesses the Power Cosmic and can fly unbelievably fast. He even reach the Hyperpsace which means he can literally surpass the speed of light. This makes him one of the fastest superheroes around.

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Being able to reach these speeds allows Surer to be where he needs to be faster than you can say his name.

4. Shazam

Fastest Superheroes Ranked

The original Captain Marvel is as powerful as Superman because he has access to a wide range of abilities.

Recent versions of the character have focussed on magic but originally his powers came from mythological beings. He has the speed of Mercury, the Roman god of speed.

3. Supergirl

Fastest Superheroes Ranked

Supergirl also has the same powers as Superman. She can fly and has super speed and super strength. Recently, she displayed incredible strength during the Elseworlds Arrowverse crossover.

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In the finale, Kara and Barry race to save the day. Supergirl flew around the world to slow down the time to stop John Deegan. They even managed to slow Earth’s rotation by running and flying at amazing speed.

2. Spectrum

Fastest Superheroes Ranked

Monica Rambeau has once led The Avengers. Thankfully, the former Captain Marvel is set to join MCU hopefully after Carol Denver’s first solo film.

While Spectrum isn’t essentially a speedster, she’s one of the fastest characters in the Marvel Universe. She gained the power to transform into various forms of electromagnetic energy like visible light.

1. Barry Allen

Fastest Superheroes Ranked
The Flash

The Flash aka Barry Allen is seen as one of the fastest heroes in the comics. He’s the Scarlet Speedster and one of the most iconic heroes to don the red and gold costume. Other heroes including members of the Flash family can be faster than Barry himself.

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The Flash has tried to quantify Barry’s speed on some equations. The comics have taken Flash’s speed to higher levels, making him one of the fastest superheroes in DC.

Source: Screenrant, Comic Vine

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