7 Greatest Biopics Of All Time, Ranked

Biopics are a time-honored genre of filmmaking that consistently do well at the box office and with critics. Despite the genre’s increased popularity on the big screen in recent times, its quality and influence remain unchanged. We’ve put together a list of the 7 Greatest Biopics Of All Time, Ranked.

7. Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs - Biopics
Steve Jobs

Without Steve Jobs – the visionary behind the digital revolution, the idea of the digital revolution might have been just a dream. However, he was a private man. This movie somehow tries to bring his life into the limelight. This fascinating movie stars Michael Fassbender and revolves around three iconic Apple devices.

6. Lincoln

Lincoln - Biopics

Day-Lewis, who is recognized for his method of acting, devoted almost a year rehearsing for this character, devouring over 100 books on Lincoln and speaking in his voice during the production. This movie depicted the successful years of Abraham Lincoln’s Presidency before he was assassinated in 1865. It consisted of the struggles he overcame to bring his nation out of civil war and for passing the Emancipation Proclamation of 1863, signaling the end of enslavement.

5. Chaplin

Chaplin - Biopics

This biography is directed by Richard Attenborough featuring Robert Downey Jr. as “The Little Tramp,” which was released in 1992. The film follows an old Chaplin as he reminisces for his memoirs about his extraordinary life journey from poverty to global fame. Despite the biopic’s mixed reactions, Downey Jr.’s performance was praised and received critical accolades. It is perhaps his best performance to date, earning him a BAFTA Award for Best Actor as well as an Academy Award nomination.

4. The Theory of Everything

The Theory of Everything - Biopics
The Theory of Everything

Stephen Hawking was a brilliant theoretical physicist who was diagnosed with ALS in his early twenties and lived to witness his biopic. His biopic not only revolves around his life but also delves into a romance with a glimpse at his 30-year marriage to Jane Hawking (Felicity Jones). Jane Hawking offered feedback and ideas for the script, which was derived from her memoir Traveling to Infinity: My Life with Stephen, published in 2007. The biopic was a huge economic and massive success, with Redmayne gaining widespread acclaim and winning both an Academy Award and a BAFTA for Best Leading Actor.

3. Gandhi


It is a profoundly touching and insightful film in which Ben Kingsley gives an emotionally loaded performance. This epic drama is directed by Richard Attenborough about Mahatma Gandhi’s life as a lawyer-turned-civil rights leader who used peaceful protest to gain India’s freedom from the British. It was nominated for 11 Academy Awards and won eight, including Best Actor (for Kingsley), Best Picture, and Best Director.

2. Malcolm X

Malcolm X
Malcolm X

From his roots as a small-time gangster to his ministry as a member of the Nation of Islam, Spike Lee’s epic biography depicts the life of the controversial and enormously important Black Nationalist leader. Denzel Washington earned his third Oscar nomination for his depiction of civil rights leader Malcolm X, which was adapted from the 1965 book ‘The Autobiography of Malcolm X.’

1. A Beautiful Mind

A Beautiful Mind
A Beautiful Mind

This is one of those biopics on a lesser-known person—American mathematician John Nash—that doesn’t take away from the story’s grandeur. Nash made significant advancements to game theory, as well as a variety of other complex math-based applications in everyday life. He was also schizophrenic and paranoid. The film won four Academy Awards, including best picture, best director (Ron Howard), and best actress (Jennifer Connelly). However, not one for Russell Crowe, who was nominated for his role as Nash.

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