7 Greatest Indie Sci-Fi Movies That Deserve Big Budget Sequels

When we see the word “indie” the very first thing that often crosses our minds is the artistic values, a well-portrayed plot, natural depiction of characters, and performances targeted at a niche audience. With the span of time indie content has started receiving the amount of praise it deserves. With that, even the subgenre of indie sci-fi is slowly becoming our go-to.

The gradual increase in the likeability of this genre can be accredited to the fascinating movies that kept this genre going. With this let us now bring to you some of the greatest indie sci-fi movies that surely deserve a sequel.

Daybreakers (2009)

Director – Michael Spierig and Peter Spierig 

Daybreakers - Greatest Indie Sci-Fi Movies That Deserve Big Budget Sequels

In films like Daybreakers – sci-fi and horror are a match made in heaven. The vampire genre might seem basic at times, but Daybreakers looked like the start of something enormous, with sequels on the way, yet it plainly lacked something for mainstream audiences. Daybreakers is an extremely stylish, well-crafted thriller that stands out among the vampire flicks released in recent years. It’s intriguing to see how the narrative created a convincing society, filled with vampires, humans, and vampire monsters. The concept of declining human numbers was so brilliant that it might make you wonder what would happen to Dracula if he couldn’t bite any more people’s necks.

Safety Not Guaranteed (2012)

Director – Colin Trevorrow

Safety Not Guaranteed - Greatest Indie Sci-Fi Movies That Deserve Big Budget Sequels
Safety Not Guaranteed

The lead characters’ exquisite performances, along with a light dosage of comedy and a hint of melancholy, make for an immensely refreshing watch. Despite the fact that the film is a romantic comedy, it avoids the typical rom-com conventions. The cinematography and production work in support of the film’s genuine setting. The scenes are well spaced and effectively create the rhythm, drawing our attention to the story. In its use of the time travel motif, the film is truthful. It not only moves the plot along but also inspires the characters.

Under the Skin (2013) 

Director – Jonathan Glazer

Under The Skin - Greatest Indie Sci-Fi Movies That Deserve Big Budget Sequels
Under The Skin

The film has very little dialogue, the main characters are anonymous, the story unfolds in an unusual way, and critical parts are shot in a guerilla-style manner. All of these components contribute to the story’s authenticity, resulting in an engaging cinematic experience. Director Jonathan Glazer balances the slow-paced action with his utmost precision. The intimate scenes are filmed with an eye for detail in terms of lighting, shading, and colors. The plot is elevated by each scene’s earnestness and grandeur. 

The Lodge (2019)

Director – Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala

The Lodge - Greatest Indie Sci-Fi Movies That Deserve Big Budget Sequels
The Lodge

The Lodge’s power resides in its mind-bending/suffering narrative as well as its eerily ambient directing. This is the type of horror flick that will undoubtedly terrify you. It’s a genuine psychological horror that delves into religious themes fairly. It depicts the absolute brutality of infancy in a very exact way. It’s a well-crafted painting of solitude, quiet conflicts, revenge, profound links to the past, and the story’s round architecture.

The Vast of Night (2019)

Director – Andrew Patterson

The Vast of Night - Greatest Indie Sci-Fi Movies That Deserve Big Budget Sequels
The Vast of Night

This film is set in 1950s Cayuga, New Mexico, during the Alien invasion. The narrative has a linear structure and is built around an intriguing investigation scenario with a sci-fi twist. The filmmaker establishes a suitable area for ambient texture and a creepy atmosphere to induce tension inside the movie without using strong visual effects. Andrew Patterson pays keen attention to minute details and makes great use of 1950s technology equipment, such as his reliance on radio frequency as a storytelling tool. The film is both aesthetically stunning and narratively engaging.

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