7 Horror Movie Memes That Will Make You Want To Watch One Now!

Everyone who loves Horror Movies knows how difficult it is to find genuinely good ones. You don’t need to wait till Halloween or October in order to watch these spooky flicks. Amidst the current scenarios, we all sure did have a lot of time on our hands to watch a lot of horror genre out there! Though not everyone enjoys watching these scary flicks while sitting in front of the screen with a bowl of popcorn (some might even spill it everywhere when the ghost comes on the screen). It might make it difficult for certain people to even go for a glass of water or to the bathroom without switching on the lights!
However, be rest assured, here are some memes that would make everyone laugh and get annoyed at the characters irrespective of the fact if you love horror movies or do not.




Why Do You Need To Go To The Basement?

The fans who love the genre would definitely want to watch these movies over others. But we all do get frustrated with the story line or the stupidity of the characters.
The meme above hands down, points at the most annoying thing in the horror movies. When you hear a noise or someone breathing, why would you want to go right towards it? Just run for your life girl! Obviously, if they did so, there would be no story to beat around the bush!


We Get You!

When you excessively watch horror movies, at a certain point you not only run out of movies but they are no longer scary. Anyone who has been there, would know every jump scare, any creature hidden anywhere or even what is going to happen after that scary sound effect.
It would take immense creative and super horrific movie to actually scare these true horror fans. Probably the upcoming Conjuring would be a treat for these movie lovers.


The Scary Mirrors

Now this is so predictable irrespective of the fact if you love or detest horror movies. Once the paranormal activities start in the movies, there has to be a scene in front of the mirror where the character is doing something else but their mirror image is just frozen. It is spooky for sure though.


The Idiot

Every movie with a killer has this idiot character who no matter what evidence the main lead gives, just does not want to believe that there is a killer in the house. Not only this, this person also makes fun of everyone else for believing these tell tales. But we all know how things end up for him… he ALWAYS dies first!
Well maybe that is what you get for not believing the protagonist.


Spot On

Even a small child would have a fight or flight response if put in certain circumstances. But sometimes, in dangerous situation like the one with killer walking towards them, people have a brain freeze and just do not know what to do!
This meme perfectly explains that. Many times, the movie characters just stand there and look at the killer and just cannot believe the situation they are in. It is so awkward.



Wait… What?

When you watch a really good horror movie which has a lot of plot twists and scary ghosts, but you realize it is based on a true story. Like that would not only shock us but make us think that how did people actually go through these horrific experiences.



The Best Movie Genre

Not everyone loves watching horror movies, but when a fan finds someone who loves the genre as much as they do, happiness obviously knows no bounds. Morticia Adams perfectly responds the same way after realizing there are others who love it as much as she does.

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