When Marvel was done bringing the popular properties like Iron Man and Captain Marvel to the big screen, they came out with more less-known ones like Black Panther and Doctor Strange. Marvel certainly has a way of making way for less known characters Big with just one appearance.

7 Marvel Characters That Can Feature In MCU

There are many lesser-known characters in Marvel who are perfect for the silver screen and MCU has just begun. Here are 7 Marvel characters who are rumoured to show up in MCU soon:

7. Moon Knight

7 Upcoming Characters MCU
Moon Knight

Moon Knight is MCU’s first character based on the supernatural as opposed to scientific elements since Doctor Strange. Moon Knight also has a very complicated relationship with werewolves; the same that Blade has with vampires.

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In the past, James Gunn pitched a Moon Knight film to Marvel, but that was before his old controversial tweets resurfaced and was subsequently fired, so that might’ve set the character’s MCU debut back a little bit.

6. Red Hulk

7 Upcoming Characters MCU
Red Hulk

General “Thunderbolt” Ross does have an important role in the MCU. His inclusion in the Incredible Hulk’s post-credits scene with Stark set him up for a bigger part in 2012’s The Avengers. But he didn’t appear, suggesting Marvel ignored his presence.

However, he did reappear in the Civil War which hints that maybe this isn’t true and they did have a grand plan for him after all. So, can we see Red Hulk soon?

5. Namor

7 Upcoming Characters MCU

Namor’s existence in the MCU has been confirmed as Atlantis was marked as a hotspot on a SHIELD computer in Iron Man 2. However, with the immense success of DC’s Aquaman, Marvel should feel confident about introducing their own underwater world.

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The oceans are the only parts of the world that MCU is yet to explore. With Namor’s onscreen debut, this wait could finally get over.

4. Black Knight

7 Upcoming Characters MCU
Black Knight

With some fans spotting a sub-atomic city in the background of Quantum Realm scenes in Ant-Man 2, it seems we know where the dead Avengers went. Or at the very least, we’ve seen an early hint at the arrival of Black Knight.

There have been some incarnations of Black Knight, but this would be Dane Whitman version. Black Knight is old-school, sometimes even riding around on horseback. Can’t wait for him!

3. Adam Warlock

7 Upcoming Characters MCU
Adam Warlock

The post-credits scene in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Sovereign leader Ayesha is told that their scary artificial being capable of crushing the Guardians of the Galaxy was complete. She named him Adam. Comic book fans quickly took notice and took this Adam Warlock’s onscreen debut.

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He’s the only character except for Captain Marvel who stands a chance against Thanos. So, it does make sense that the two would show up in Endgame to take out Thanos.

2. Wolverine

7 Upcoming Characters MCU

There is one far-fetched fan theory that states Wolverine will make an appearance in the post-credits of Avengers: Endgame. This would be a nice way to mark the transition between MCU and Fox, and the transition between Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine and the new one.

We might also see Jackman playing the role. Then whole Theory came in the first place after Google listed Endgame as one Jackman’s films.

1. Squirrel Girl

7 Upcoming Characters MCU
Squirrel Girl

Squirrel Girl may sound like a joke, and well, she is. She is as agile as a squirrel, with fast-growing front teeth and the ability to talk to more squirrels. But her greatest power is her kindness which makes her an ideal hero. With the use of sympathy and words, Squirrel Girl has won Galactus’ heart.

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She has even taken down Thanos once in the comics. She’d be a perfect fit for the MCU, and we hope she debuts soon.

Source: Screenrant, Digital Spy

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