7 Marvel Cosmic Entities And Gods We’d Like Too See In Phase 4 Of MCU

Gods have been around in the Marvel Universe since some time now. Only a few characters even existed in the Marvel continuity but over the decades, the amounts of cosmic entities and gods have increased to the point that it’s almost impossible to keep a track of them.

There are many kinds of Gods in the Marvel Universe, from traditional deities to demons and cosmic forces. With MCU entering the concept of Gods in both Thor and Doctor Strange, it’s possible that the studio will double up on the idea in the next phase. Today we will discuss 7 Gods and cosmic deities we’d like to see in Phase 4 of MCU.

7. The Living Tribunal

This is the most unique cosmic beings in the whole Marvel Universe. He keeps the cosmos in balance, acting as jury, judge and even executioner for troublesome planets and beings.

He’s among the strongest entities to exist, equalled only by an Infinity Gauntlet wielding Thanos.

6. Ares

Ares is Zeus’ son and the Greek god of war. He’s a beloved deity but often rivals against his own brother Hercules. He is so powerful that he can literally tear the fabric of time in pursuit of the enemies, which makes him a formidable foe.

He has also been shown as an anti-hero and was also manipulated by Norman Osborn once to join the Dark Avengers.

5. The One Above All

This is the closest thing the Marvel Universe has to God. The One Above All sits at the top of the cosmic hierarchy. Even Thor has admitted that TOAA’s strength cannot be comprehended, citing the entity as more powerful than all the cosmic beings combined.

He appears to be a benevolent entity, although he tends to stay out of multiverse’s affairs, instead of opting to act through other cosmic gods.

4. The Beyonder

Making his debut in 1984’s Secret Wars, The Beyonder is an infinite dimensional entity. He’s a humanoid manifestation of the Beyond Realm. His powers are said to dwarf that if the entire multiverse combined.

The Beyonder can be found studying Earth, even creating a planet called Battworld where he forces Marvel heroes and villains to keep fighting endlessly.

3. Galactus

Galactus is one of the most significant beings in the whole Marvel cosmic hierarchy.

His immense power after merging with the sentience of the universe, a force that existed before creation itself. His true purpose is to uphold the balance between Eternity and Death. He has also aided the Avengers on a few occasions.

2. Shuma-Gorath

Known as the Lord of Chaos, Shuma-Gorath is one of the Love Craftian entities, serving as the Dark Ruler of Earth, and a few other entities during the prehistoric times.

His owlet outweighs almost everyone in the Marvel Universe and he has been a grave threat to some of Marvel’s most ancient beings including Death.

1. Hercules

Hercules is the strongest physical powerhouse in the whole universe, proving his capabilities by facing Thor and Hulk and taking them out with ease.

He’s a fun presence in the comics and is one of the most beloved gods in the Marvel Universe, so he’s a natural choice for MCU to bring into the mix.

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